From the CR: For I Will Consider

Managing Editor’s Note: This is the first in an occasional series of shared content with a local literary gem, The Cincinnati Review. Named one of the top 20 U.S. literary magazines by Every Writer’s Resource and housed at the University of Cincinnati, the CR will provide poetry, fiction and non-fiction for Soapbox readers, then offer special “bonus material” about each piece—including commentary from local editors, writers and poets—on their blog.

For I Will Consider
By Terese Coe

For I will consider my son Shay.
For he is the servant of his Kawasaki and daily working on it.
For at the first glance of a girl in his direction he worships dutifully.
For is this done by suppressing his smile and his eyes in alertness.
For he rolls and returns with intensity to his bike.
For having her hang on his words he performs in nonperformance.
For firstly he intuits the moment.
For secondly he knows repercussion.
For thirdly he works not upon relationship but extends himself quietly.
For fourthly he tinkers with mechanical things.
For fifthly he shows his prowess with them.
For sixthly he displays his e-things.
For seventhly he gets her IM.
For eighthly he puts his e-things on pause, that he may not be interrupted on the beat.
For ninthly he remembers his girlfriend.
For having considered her and his bike he will consider his snowboard.
For on the run downhill, the snowboarder behind him will always be treasured.
For the outdoors comforts him.
For when his snowboarding is done he will go in search of food.
For though he cannot fly, he can sail.
For fishing is his way of nourishment.
For the sea is in him.
For he needs little to survive.
For when attacked, he will grab the other’s wrists and hold them tightly rather than fight.
For I have seen this twice and was glad of it.
For he prayed to the Buddha as a small child.
For he no longer prays to the Buddha.
For his usefulness to friends restores him.
For the absurd is clear to him.
For he is bored with hatred.
For he does not waste effort.
For he abjures the petty.
For he is one with his dog.
For he sleeps on the carpet and is pleased.
For in his morning tinkerings he welcomes the broken.
For he can fix it and sell it on ebay.

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