Milford boutique supports local makers; attracts multigenerational shoppers

LeiMarie Limited, based in Milford, is a local women’s boutique dedicated to helping discerning clients find those special, niche items they just can’t find anywhere else. Owner Chrissy Gedeon says she enjoys catering to all generations by offering distinctive styles to fit any taste.

“One of the things I love being complimented on is that a grandmother and a mother and a daughter can come in and all go shopping in our store – and all of them will really like it,” says Gedeon. “To be able to serve multiple generations and to give them something to do together that is fun and local – you know, we like to see it too!”

After working in corporate finance for 15 years, Gedeon’s fashion-centered side business took off. Following a desire inspired by travelling with her aunt on buying trips when she was young, she worked out of booths and sold online until opening her own brick and mortar location became essential.

LeiMarie, (which combines Gedeon’s own and her daughter’s middle names) launched in 2015. But Gedeon’s stock and online shipping bulk eventually outgrew her bedroom and took over her family’s basement. She was weary of hauling her growing collection from place to place, and it became apparent that sales might be boosted with the opportunity for clients to try on items for fit and style.

LeiMarie found its home in Milford in 2020, and at the end of last year Gedeon quit her corporate day job in order to devote more hours to the increasingly popular and demanding boutique.

Remembering her roots and paying it forward while enhancing her own collection, Gedeon makes a concerted effort to support local makers of unique jewelry, woodworking and other offerings that suit the LeiMarie vibe by housing their collections at the shop.
“My business started out online and traveling and I would have loved for somebody to have a store where I could have been. I know what it feels like to kind of start from the bottom.  And I know what it feels like to have a talent or an item that you want people to find – and that people want to find – but you can't really make it work. So logistically, we're happy to be somewhere where they can be. We love that we can kind of entwine ourselves into the community a little bit,” says Gedeon.

LeiMarie’s website makes gift shopping easy with cutely curated collections labeled by the recipients’ personality types. Check out home décor and clothing items for “The Festive One” or “The One Who’s Always Cold” before stopping in the store – or simply order online and support local business from the comfort of home. And don’t forget to pick up a little something special for yourself to throw on for those holiday parties.

“Following trends is important for us, but we also like to have pieces for our shoppers that stay in their wardrobe. We tend to do some capsule pieces; staples that you definitely need. And then we throw in some unique pieces for when you do have a special occasion, or where you just want to feel fabulous,” says Gedeon.

LeiMarie joins other Milford small businesses in offering a quaint and convenient shopping experience, further enhanced by streets and shops all done up in holiday finery this time of year. Old Milford is packed with retailers and restaurants to meet any budget and liking, providing an overall delightful, small town holiday experience.
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