Art and mystery mix at ArtWorks fundraiser

Albert Einstein said mystery is the most beautiful thing people can experience, and that it is the source of all true art. This year, the sixth annual Secret ArtWorks gives you a chance to see and experience both.

Secret Artworks is the largest fundraiser of the year for the nonprofit Artworks, likely best known for its annual mural and employment projects, known as ArtWorks. Secret ArtWorks, which attracts more than 700 people, remains true to ArtWorks mission of bringing art to the public. For the event, the nonprofit asks artists to create a 5-inch by 7-inch original pieces of art. Attendees each receive one voucher for a piece of art, which they must choose based on their personal attraction to the art, rather than the name of the artist.

This year, ArtWorks selective and created the Masters of Secret ArtWorks by inviting fewer artists to participate. Nearly 400 artists with local, national or international acclaim have been asked to create mini-masterpieces for the event.

The works can be previewed at the Westin Hotel, or online, and many attendees already know which piece the want before the event. This year, the event will be held at the Mercantile Building, the former home of the Contemporary Arts Center. After the cocktail party, the doors are opened to the art and attendees race to find their chosen piece of art. Many attendees may have a specific artist whose work they want to purchase, but  that isn’t always easy. Some artists create unusual pieces to surprise attendees.

Jolie Harris, a board member at ArtWorks and artist, has participated in Secret Artworks before and chosen to stray from her typical medium. “I usually paint abstract,” Harris says. “One year, I did a photograph so no one would know it was my work.”

Every artist who contributes work is invited to meet the donor who purchased his or her work. With food from Jean-Robert’s table and Nada, drinks and some of the best artists in the region, this fundraiser gives people a chance to experience some of the best artwork Cincinnati has to offer.

By Evan Wallis
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