Molly Wellmann taking Melt down the street to larger space at The Gantry

Melt, a Northside staple and a recent addition to Molly Wellmann’s Wellmann’s Brands, is making a big move. Next year, the restaurant will move from its current location at 4165 Hamilton Ave. to the newly built Gantry apartment building, which is across the street and down the block.
The new location will give Melt much needed space — 3,000 square feet of space, to be exact. There will be a larger kitchen space and additional seating as well as new vegetarian and vegan menu items.
In addition to more space, a full-service bar with craft cocktails, craft beer and wine will be added to Melt’s repertoire. Wellmann will be curating the cocktail menu, which will pair with Melt’s menu.
As for the interior of the new space, it will be similar to Melt’s current vibe.
There is still room for another restaurant or retail option on the ground floor of The Gantry. The new four-story, mixed-use development has 131 apartments and 8,000 square feet of commercial space.

Plans haven’t been announced for the additional commercial space or for Melt’s existing space. 

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Caitlin Koenig is a Cincinnati transplant and 2012 grad of the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. She's the department editor for Soapbox Media and currently lives in Northside with her husband, Andrew, and their three furry children. Follow Caitlin on Twitter at @caite_13.  
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