American Can Lofts open for apartment tours

Northside kicked off the long-awaited grand opening of the newly renovated American Can Lofts, located near the neighborhood's Hamilton Avenue business district, with presentations and informational sessions during the Northside 4th of July parade and Rock and Roll Carnival.

Developed by Bloomfield/Schon + Partners, the American Can development took seven years to complete. Economic shifts delayed construction and changed the project from a focus on condominiums to apartments. Developer Steve Bloomfield says that Northside has been an enthusiastic home for the project throughout the process.

"The Northside community has been incredibly supportive," he says. "A lot of people are investing in Northside, when for years this building has been an eyesore in the community and has held back some new developments. But with this new renovation, we will certainly help in the investment of Northside."

Northside Community Council president Martha Dourson shares that enthusiasm.

"I think it will be a great boom for Northside," she says. "For one thing, the building looks so much better than ever before, and I believe this new development will attract more people the neighborhood. It's an eclectic neighborhood, the business district is vibrant and growing, and the people that live here give a sense of community. Northside is a great community with involved people. They always have a sense of improving, which always makes a difference."

Bloomfield says the project followed the developer's policy of incorporating environmentally sensitive aspects into the project. Developers recycled construction materials, installed energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to reduce energy bills, and included other green amenities such as low-VOC paint, low-flow plumbing fixtures, efficient fluorescent and LED lighting and recycled carpet material.

Bloomfield expects the general target market audience to be young to middle-aged professionals. Leasing agents have begun offering tours of the site for potential tenants, and offer more information at the development's website.

By Lisa Ensminger
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