Newport meatball restaurant adds food truck to feed Cincinnati foodies

Packhouse Meats, the meatball-centric Northern Kentucky restaurant with a no-tipping policy, launched a food truck on June 13 to serve at events around Cincinnati and work with different companies to provide lunches for employees.
Packhouse opened in January 2014 in Newport and is known for its inventive meatballs and creative sauces such as the sushi meatball packed with imitation crabmeat, rice, Asian vegetables and sauce wrapped in seaweed. Sauces include habanero cream, basil pesto, mango salsa and a fruited cream cheese, plus the basics — marinara, Parmesan cream, burgundy wine, buffalo and hunter.                                                        
The truck will have two standard meatballs — beef and turkey — and three rotating options as well as vegetarian options. The menu will be similar to the brick-and-mortar Packhouse, which features meatballs served in a bowl over linguini, mashed potatoes, spinach and mushrooms, Brussels sprouts or sautéed broccoli. Meatballs are also available on sliders and salads.
More creative meatball combinations include flan (made with sausage, bacon and flan custard topped with a cinnamon sauce) or peanut butter and jelly, which is a peanut butter and beef meatball topped with a strawberry pepper chutney. These combos will make an appearance on the truck’s menu too, depending on the event.
Keep tabs on Packhouse’s Facebook page for where you can find the meatball food truck.
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