New Coworking Space, Fueled Collective, Opens in Rookwood

According to a 2017 Gallup survey, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. While working remotely can spark creativity outside of the confines of the cubicle, freelancers can end up working in isolation without face-to-face interactions with coworkers. Fueled Collective, a recently opened coworking space, seeks to change that. Joining a growing group of coworking offices in Cincinnati including 1628 Ltd. and Playground Coworks, Fueled Collective offers a social club coworking experience, with spaces for remote employees and freelancers to both work and play.

The newly-opened 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Rookwood Pavilion blends the amenities of working in an office including meeting and conference rooms, Wi-Fi access, and office equipment, with an upscale bar for after-work cocktails, as well as boutique fitness classes. This blending of offerings and focus on both work and play sets Fueled Collective apart from other, more traditional coworking spaces in the city. Fueled Collective in Rookwood is the “first installation” of what will become a franchise of coworking locations across the country. The first Fueled was launched in New York’s Soho district in 2012, and the success of the venture drove founders to collaborate with St. Gregory Development Group to expand into the Cincinnati market.

Chief Brand Officer for St. Gregory Development Group, Gary De Jesus, reiterates that professionals who work from home often lack the much needed social component of going to work. “What we provide is a space where you can come in and work and have some level of socialization with other folks, even to the point of collaboration.” Coworking typically connotes professionals sharing resources in an office setting but working on independent ventures, but some cross-pollination is bound to happen in a space like Fueled Collective. “The key here is that we built this off of the philosophy of being social,” explained De Jesus.

Fueled Collective offers five membership packages ranging from $95 to $650 per month, with varying levels and frequency of access to the private bar, coworking spaces and offices, and fitness center. Fueled Collective offers a free day pass and tours to professionals interested in joining, and more information can be found on their website.

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Kamal Kimball is a freelance writer and co-founder of Ampersand Creative Services.