Changes coming to Picnic and Pantry, Listing Loon

You might have noticed Picnic and Pantry’s storefront is currently not open for regular business. No need to fret, though, as it is closed only to allow the addition of a dining area and deli case to support its expanding menu.

The micro grocery store still offers catering and deli foods, which are available at Melt next door.  

Picnic and Pantry will be installing a deli case in order to expand their meat and cheese selection, and it's adding about seven seats for diners to eat inside of the store.

While no official date has been set for resuming business-as-usual, Picnic and Pantry is expected to open its doors to diners and shoppers in the next two weeks.

Another Northside business that's making some changes is The Listing Loon. Considered the neighborhood’s solution for an insane variety of quality craft beer, the Loon has obtained its serving license for wine and beer.

Due to limited refrigeration, this doesn't mean every single beer in the Loon's inventory will be chilled for serving. Instead, the Loon will be offering a featured beer and wine list every week.

With five to seven beers and eight wines highlighted each week, thirsty patrons will be able to sample the finest brews and vintages the store offers. With a seating capacity of 37, there should be plenty of room to bring a friend or three as you sip your way toward a greater understanding of what makes the Listing Loon one of the premiere beer retailers in the city.

By Sean Peters
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