3CDC moves into new HQ, makes room for restaurant

When 3CDC relocates its headquarters from the Kroger building to the first floor of its Saengerhalle development in Over-the-Rhine this Friday, they'll be looking for a potential restaurant tenant to join them as well. The urban developer renovated 30,020 square feet in three historic structures at the northeast corner of Washington Park to create its new office and one for the Northpointe Group.

"The restaurant is another great amenity that would complement the neighborhood," Chad Munitz, Executive Vice President of Development said. 3CDC's goal is to create more foot traffic during business hours around the transformation taking place within Washington Park.

"By moving to the new office location, renting out more office spaces, and adding a restaurant on the corner we'll transform the area into an around the clock neighborhood," Munitz said.

Munitz explained that 3CDC's wish list for the corner space's 2,730 square feet is a restaurant that can serve lunch and dinner with sit-down table service that will complement future programming for Washington Park and Music Hall. Ideally, the restaurant will be independently owned.

The new location and restaurant could also attract more shops and restaurants to the area. Across the street from 3CDC's new headquarters is the City Home development that offers another 2,157 square feet of restaurant commercial space.

"We have a lot of people interested in this available space and the other spaces as we continue with our development in the area," Munitz said.

Writer: Lisa Ensminger
Photography by Scott Beseler.

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