Online survey lets public weigh in on Oasis Rail line until Friday

The Ohio Department of Transportation is using an Internet-based feedback program to give the public more opportunity to engage in the planning and development of Oasis, the region’s first commuter rail line.
The simple-to-use, online survey—which was developed by Envision Sustainability Tools Inc. from Vancouver, British Columbia—gives the public a chance to weigh in on topics ranging from priorities for travel to desired amenities at rail stations.
The survey was launched on December 10 during the first public involvement meeting, and will remain available to the public through January 10. Results and responses to comments received will be provided in the Oasis Rail Transit public meeting report, which is expected to be available mid-February.
The website features five interactive screens in order to gather data from the public. The first screen gives an introduction to Oasis, and includes maps that can be enlarged. The second screen asks users to rank their top three priorities for travel by dragging and dropping their options. The third screen asks users to identify their typical travel destinations—home, work, daycare, grocery store, etc.—on a map, as well as make suggestions for improvements along travel routes (streetscapes, bike connections, new crosswalks, etc.). The fourth screen asks users to rate what factors would influence their use of a commuter rail (frequency of service, weekend service, fares, etc.), and rank their priorities for transit station design, such as shopping amenities, WiFi access, bike storage, etc. The last screen asks users for basic demographic information, including their age, ethnicity, zip code and how they might use rail transit.  
The Oasis Transit Line is 17 miles, and will introduce a new transportation choice to the Eastern Corridor. The line would utilize publicly owned rail right-of-way and potentially share existing track with freight operations; in other places, track would be built to complete necessary connections. The four phases of Oasis are from the Riverfront Transit Center to the Boathouse (1 mile); from the Boathouse to US 50 in Fairfax (7 miles); from US 50 to Fairfax to the Ancor area, which is slightly northeast of Newtown (4 miles); and the Ancor area to Milford (5 miles).
The survey can be accessed at
By Caitlin Koenig
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