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ThermalTech Engineering was into "green" building before it was hot, but the results of its work are usually not very visible. That doesn't mean its expertise is not critical to sustainable, environmentally sound construction.
Founded in 1980, ThermalTech handles the "mechanics" that go in to green building -- the mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering that is essential to conserving energy and resources.

There are more options for sustainable design than green roofs and solar panels, but they are hidden in the walls and mechanical rooms and rooftops of buildings. That's where ThermalTech's expertise comes in, as it's been using these processes for years, and in fact, helped form the Southwestern Ohio chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.
ThermalTech helps its customers, including Duke Energy, find innovative solutions to their facility, utility, process, and operations challenges. Its services include analysis, design, turnkey construction, and ongoing operations support.  Its engineers work on new facilities, expansions, renovations, master planning, efficiency improvements, troubleshooting, and operating-cost-reduction projects.

ThermalTech is an employee-owned firm, with everyone participating in its employee stock ownership program. The company expects revenue growth of more than 15 percent in 2008

ThermalTech Engineering
5721 Dragon Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227