Growing Companies

There are lots of e-learning products to train business people, but when Brian Taylor looked around, he didn't really find any specifically targeted to schools and colleges, which need to keep their teachers and personnel up to date on  safety and emergency measures.

To fill the void, in 2001, Taylor and partner Greg Estep started Scenario Learning and its SafeSchools suite of online training courses to specifically meet the needs of academic institutions.  In its first year, SafeSchools was used by about 50 school districts, and its grown to serve 1,500 districts in all 50 states and internationally.  In the last year alone, the firm tripled the number of districts using its products, and employment has grown to 12 people.

Using the online training, schools have a inexpensive way to reduce their insurance and workers compensation costs. They can also protect themselves from liability by maintaining a record of the training their employees received.

SafeSchools uses national experts in a variety of fields to author its courses and it owns all the content, which helps to keep its costs down.

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