Growing Companies

PPS moved to Covington in August of 2008. The company relocated to the dazzling, historic Ice House, a former cold storage building, on Scott St. in downtown Covington.

“We rehabbed the building, and kept many of the unique, historical details, but modernized to accommodate what we needed in the building,” said CEO Bob Gerding.

Gerding said the move made economic sense for the company because it had been spread across several rooms in its Cincinnati location. The Covington building also has free parking on the street and inside the building, he said.

Gerding said the location, just minutes away from the Riverfront and downtown Cincinnati, was also ideal for staying connected to the city.

PPS offers a host of cutting-edge video and production services, including editing, producing and graphics. One of the business’ growing services is archiving films for universities and colleges, especially as video technology has changed, making older forms such as VHS outdated in recent years.

“We’ve been getting so much work to archive that we’ve added more people in there,” Gerding said.

The company employed 26 at the start of the move, but is “pushing 30” with the extra work, Gerding said.

Recently PPS has teamed up with Pixel Farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota to offer the latest in high-quality, 3-D graphics. Pixel Farm’s clients include Target Market, Qdoba, Harley Davidson and General Mills.

“We represent them in this part of the country, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis. We work directly with them,” Gerding said.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Bob Gerding, CEO of the PPS Group

424 Scott St.
Covington, KY 41011