Growing Companies

Our eCATALOGsolutions include: 
- online product catalogs 
- interactive product configurators 
- industrial component modeling 
- live 3D previews 
- instant CAD downloads in over 150 formats 
- modeling tools and software 

Our PARTsolutions part management platform includes: 
- Platform to find, reuse and control standard commercial parts 
- Internal parts management 
- Geomentric search 
- PURCHINEERING (unites purchasing and engineering) 
- PLM Integration 

Our standards parts management solution, PARTsolutions, for engineering design teams works in conjunction with PLM systems to help engineers find, reuse and control the use of standard commercial parts. Our solutions help companies streamline their design process and reduce duplicate work and rework which results in significant costs savings. Our systems also help speed the product design process and enable engineers to spend more time on value-added design, rather than searching for parts.

digital product downloads, strategic parts management, CAD model downloads, standardization, PLM integration

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Milford, OH 45150
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