Growing Companies

The new digital world is an open one, where smaller is better and holistic collaboration trumps formulaic, one-size-fits-all thinking.

And Ample, LLC is firmly on board with the new.

"See what we can do by looking at what we've done," reads the headline on Ample's homepage.

Judging by the portfolio of the team members' pre-Ample work – Mickey's, Procter and Gamble, Chiquita and more – they walk the talk.

Ample was born from the efforts of five young talents who met on a project for Barefoot Creative: Kevin Comer, Adam George, Josh Fendley, Rob Sloan and Bobby Uhlenbrock.  

Armed with a diversity of skills – writing, designing, developing, strategic planning – Ample is a fresh player on the local digital media scene, offering a truly integrated approach to creative planning and presentation.

"We've all been doing this for a long time," says Fendley, the brains behind Ample's financial and strategic planning.  When they started out, Fendley adds, "we wanted to do something that was really more fun than anything."   

Their fun first came in the form of a T-shirt Website, which led to a slew of other projects, including a site re-launch for The Class Watch, an online watch shop designed for graduating students in search of alternatives to the standard class ring.

Other clients Ample has collaborated with include Buten Eyewear, Honey Deck, WOXY and many more.  Fendley believes the customized attention to each client's needs is what distinguishes Ample's work from the competition.  There's simply no one-size-fits-all approach.

"We really view ourselves as creative problem solvers," Fendley says, adding that their whole-systems approach to design, marketing and everything else is the way of the future for firms communicating to an increasingly tech savvy public.

With this open embrace of innovative techniques and a foundation of quality work, Ample has quickly built its client base by word of mouth and networking.

"We've had a very consistent stream of inquiry," Fendley says.  And all of it through grass roots outreach. 

Much of this comes on the heels of an e-mail campaign Ample launched during their first week in operation, Fendley adds.

At the root of their success is a conversation between Ample and client, and client and consumer, by way of internet-based communication platforms like e-mail, social media sites and beyond.  

Ample's conversation also extends to other progressive digital media firms in the area, such as Openfield Creative, whom Fendley says Ample greatly admires, and Ample client Share This, a local social media start-up.

Ultimately, Fendley explains, in the new digital world this attitude of sharing is what keeps things exciting, and helps businesses thrive. 
Ample, LLC
200 W. Fourth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202