Growing Companies

Newport, KY-based Global Business Solutions (GBS) is a local IT company with international roots. 

After graduating from college - Gaby Batshoun from Northern Kentucky University and Nael Mabjish from Xavier University - GBS's two founders "decided this is where they wanted to spend the rest of their lives," says Joe Robb, who works in marketing for GBS.

Their decision paid off.  Since its 1994 founding, GBS has taken off and grown consistently.

"Every year since they've been in business they've grown," Robb says.  "And now they're a multi-million dollar business, which is fantastic."

GBS does IT support services for clients like the City of Florence, Campbell County and a slew of small and medium sized regional businesses.  And they do so with legendary customer support, which offers technical assistance via its help desk and engineering team 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

Partnering with heavy hitters like HP, the diverse GBS staff serves as a jack of all IT trades for clients seeking technological management for things ranging from teleconferencing to information security, and beyond.  

From a staff of 15, which they plan to expand, one runs shop from Florida, using the telecommuting technology GBS offers to its clients to great effect. 

"His button is right next to my button, and he answers right away," Rob says of his colleague in Florida.

This new mobility is the tip of the iceberg for the benefits of using advanced IT.

"One of the biggest trends I've been noticing is green technology," Robb says.

Things like special switches, routers, servers and other gadgets allow users to cut energy consumption by as much as half. 

It pays to be green.

Alongside the green friendly nature of many of today's emerging technologies, Robb explains that another benefit of the latest technology is connectivity across vast distances.

In helping clients achieve this, GBS shines.

With a plethora of mics, cameras and monitors, even if a meeting's participants are spread across the US, Israel, Australia and the Netherlands, they all have the option to feel like they're sharing the same room, Robb assures.

Their international embrace and openness to things green keep GBS relevant, and thankfully, busy.
Global Business Solutions, Inc.
916 Monmouth St
Newport, KY 41071