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If you're a firm swimming in data that begs to be organized, General Data has what you need.

There really isn't much they don't do, data-wise.

"General Data is a diverse company," says Vice President of Marketing, Ralph Moher.  "We do a lot of different things in different industries."

Since its beginnings in 1981, Cincinnati-based General Data has evolved from a line, matrix and printing equipment distributor, to a global leader in data management.

Today they conduct their wide ranging operations in partnerships with hardware and technology leaders like Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Zebra and Datamax.

General Data has received much recognition from industry analysts and publications lauding their innovative approach to data management.

Bar coding, RFID, innovative labeling, automated data collection, mobility enabling products and solutions:  these are among the cutting edge products and services General Data offers its diverse portfolio of data laden clients.

Their clients include manufacturers, hospitals and warehouses, among others.

In particular, health care is currently a hot industry for General Data.

"We're using our bar coding and data collection technologies and products we've developed for hospitals to be able to scan bar codes on patient wrist bands and medication," Moher says.  "It all revolves around patient safety."

This welcome introduction of bar coding to hospitals, through products like Personal ID, helps ensure the proper medicine makes it to the proper patients.  And it's good for business.

"In 2008 that was a very large growing part of our business," Moher adds.  "We expect that to continue in 2009."

Alongside healthcare, equipment service is another sector of General Data's business that is thriving in spite of the economy, according to Moher. 

He adds that, with "thousands" of bar code and line printers under service contract, the upkeep of these pricey pieces of equipment has proved another strong source of stability for General Data.

"In this economy, companies are not as willing to purchase new equipment," Moher says.  Instead, "they want to make the equipment that they currently have last longer."

This wide range of specialties has proved a source of resilience in the midst of the general economic uncertainty shaking down less supple industries.

"Because we are diverse, with the economy how it is, it can affect different areas of the business," Moher says.  "Where one area may be soft, we've got other areas that are growing very well that offset that and allow our corporation as a whole to continue to grow."
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