Growing Companies

Don't tell THP Limited Inc. (THP) that times are tough. 

In 2005, THP, a thriving Cincinnati-based structural engineering and parking garage consulting firm, made a five year plan to grow by a third.

Well on their way to achieving that goal, THP experienced 10% growth in the turbulent year of 2008 alone.

"Restoration of facades and stadiums has grown 60% in those three years," says THP President, Jim Millar, of 2005-2008.  "We're well on our way to achieve those goals."

"Fortunately," he adds, "because we were building that momentum we're not seeing the worst of the economy.  We were pretty fortunate thanks to the planning we did five years ago. We haven't had to lay anyone off."

THP's projects are worth a combined gross of $18 billion, including projects on military bases, college sports stadiums, a project in Hawaii, even seismic engineering projects for earthquake ready construction in China.

THP's diverse portfolio includes design, building, renovation, parking garage consultation and waterproofing.

A staff of 50 engineers, architects and technicians keeps THP's well oiled machine running smoothly.  With an average tenure of 13 years, they stick around.  

And not to namedrop, but THP has been known to do projects with such architectural heavy hitters as Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry. 

"We're actually working with Hadid on a project for Michigan State University," Millar says. 

Yet, since THP's founding in 1973, the engineering powerhouse has stayed true to its Cincinnati roots. 

At present THP is operating its multinational operations from its single downtown office.

Many of the shimmering jewels in the Queen City's skyline are indebted to THP's expertise, from the Aronoff Center for the Arts, to the Cincinnati Art Museum, and beyond.  

At present, THP is working on the Banks project on Cincinnati's river front.

"We pride ourselves on doing business out of Cincinnati," Millar says.  "We think it's a benefit to keep our expertise here, in house."

With positive momentum from Cincinnati to China, THP is poised to continue playing a vital role in Cincinnati's vibrant economy.

THP Limited Inc.
100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202