Growing Companies

When Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc on power supply this past fall, Aggreko had just what Louisville's Ryder Cup needed:  GHP2 and TwinPack power generators.

On-site at Louisville's Valhalla Golf Club, Aggreko ensured that the games would go on, supplying five megawatts of power, even in the face of Ike's wind surges. 

Providing short-term rental power generators and temperature control equipment is what Aggreko has been doing for over 45 years now.

Aggreko began in the Netherlands, but today has over 100 offices in 29 countries, employing over 2,200 associates. 

And the Cincinnati service center is thriving.

Recently relocating from Sharonville to Batavia, Aggreko's Cincinnati revenues have grown 215% since 2005.  Further, over the past two years, employment has grown by 20%, and is expected to grow another 10% over the next two years.

From its new location in Batavia, Aggreko is strategically positioned for smooth distribution, with easy access to highways.

And the site itself is ideally sized for meeting Aggreko's business needs and accommodating growth.

Whether a hospital, industrial plant or special event, the next time nature plays with power or temperature, Aggreko is the go-to company.


1533 Old State Route 74
Batavia, OH 45103
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