Growing Companies

Openfield Creative (OC) is not to be pigeonholed.

“Our favorite thing about our client base is how diverse they are,” Keenan says.  “We really thrive on diversity.”

Since Brian Keenan, Brandon Blangger and Josh Barnes founded OC in early-2006, they have seen steady growth – roughly doubling each year – despite the economic slump. 

OC offers many services:  creating new brand identities, designing and developing websites, digital marketing and acting as creative advisor to clients with the vague sense of unease that something is awry in their creativity department. 

“We’re a trusted creative advisor to a lot of our clients,” Keenan says.  Often times clients “think they need a website.  Or they think they need a brochure.  But it’s our job to take a step back and really see what’s going on” on a deeper level, through “a more holistic approach.”

With the current economic downturn, “companies are realizing that they need to differentiate themselves,” Keenan says. 

Creatively reaching out to customers is the best way to do so.

Business to business (B2B in professional parlance), corporate, consumer and institutional clients make up OC’s dynamic clientele.

Alongside stellar work for corporations, institutions and consumer projects, OC sets itself apart from other creative solutions companies is its commitment to bringing higher creativity to their B2B clients.

“The B2B world feels like a neglected area for creativity,” Keenan says.  “No matter what the project is, it’s a blank slate for us.  We come at it with as much excitement as any project we work on.  It’s like a playground for us.”

At present, OC is working from referrals, of which they’ve received many. 

“We think of our clients as our sales force,” Keenan says.

Recent clients include The Henry Ford Museum, Disney – ABC Television and the recent North American Auto Show, for whom they created a new brand image, website and other materials. 

With a growing portfolio of happy clients and innovative outlook, OC plans to add a few members to their team in 2009.  

“Online experiences are becoming more and more diverse,” Keenan says.   The new online environment offers “a new way to experience information, a new way to search information, a new way to share it.”  

As OC surfs this new wave of digital content, the future looks bright indeed.


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