Growing Companies

dbaDirect does data – lots of it. 

In 1999 dbaDirect president and chief executive officer, John Bostick recognized a trend that would evolve into the informational circulatory system of global commerce:  remote database administration (RDA).

With over 100 customers and 3,000 databases on its watch, dbaDirect is a world leader in RDA, with global operations centers in Hamilton, Ohio; Bangalore, India; and Shenzhen, China.

dbaDirect may reach across the globe, but is headquartered in Florence, Kentucky, where it enjoys university resources, a low cost of living and – for those trips to Bangalore and beyond – a global airport.

To give back to the community which has given dbaDirect so much, Bostick and Northern Kentucky University (NKU) President, James Vortruba co-founded the Infrastructure Management Institute (IMI).

IMI was created to develop innovative ways to manage IT, security, networks and databases, as well as attract and retain talent in Northern Kentucky.

“NKU realizes that its long term survival is dependent on the value it contributes to the community and they work hard at it,” says dbaDIRECT spokesperson Brian Hennigan. “The formation of the Institute helped to start the attraction of high-tech sectors into this area.”

IMI doesn’t merely attract established professionals; it also creates them.

“The Institute at NKU, as well as their College of Informatics ties the curriculum to what local companies may need graduates to be familiar with,” Hennigan says.  “We hire a lot of NKU alum out of the College of Informatics. It’s one of the best ways to find the next wave of talent.”

And if this isn’t enough to attract new clients and talent, Bostick suits up for his second calling:  culinary wizard. 

Bostick has been known to build relationships and close deals in Jungle Jim’s demonstration kitchen, where he teaches cooking classes and prepares feasts for lucky potential clients and new employees.

Hennigan sums up the essence of this creative deal closer:  “It’s all about having a good idea that attracts talent and money."

Let’s face it:  good food and dependable data management are hard to turn down.
7310 Turfway Road, Suite 300
Florence, Kentucky 41042