Growing Companies

Tyra Oldham has both a working and academic knowledge in construction and management (with a PHD from Miami University in Systems Engineering and Multidisciplinary Thinking), and is not afraid to use it.

"I always wanted to do material management, and had always thought about streamlining, efficiency, productivity and how to make systems more effective. Then there was nothing called green building, it was just me thinking," said Oldham, who lives downtown and returned to Cincinnati in 1993.  Oldham founded Land LLC in 2008.

LAND construction offers design, construction, consulting, efficiency and other services to businesses, municipalities, residences and other organizations. The company has 10 employees, who do weatherization, retrofitting and construction work.

"We are a socially responsible company. We believe hiring in the urban core; our philosophy is not just sustainability for our customer but for our community as well. We’re trying to hire those who might not have access to work, but could someday spin off their own companies that LAND could be a part of working with," Oldham said. 

Oldham said the company's wide understanding of design, construction and management sets LAND apart.

"We can offer oversight in a project. We've talked to a lot of architectural firms they have those wonderful designs, but are not always able to articulate that to the field. We can help make sure they come out the way they envision, especially new designs and new concepts," she said.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Tyra Oldham, founder LAND construction company
7811 Laurel Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45243