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David Caldwell knows a good operation when he sees one. As a business broker, he thought that Chem-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning would be a solid addition to his portfolio. So solid, in fact, that he took over the franchise himself.

"I had eighteen years' experience in the restaurant industry, and I always liked taking care of people," said Caldwell. He and his brother Brent became co-owners of All Season Chem-Dry in April of 2008. Their Taylor Mill office serves Kenton, Boone, and Campbell counties.

The Caldwell brothers were attracted to Chem-Dry by a product they believed in. "Unlike conventional carpet shampooing, Chem-Dry cleaning allows the carpet to dry within a couple of hours, which means less risk of mold and mildew," said Campbell. Chem-Dry extracts dirt with a non-toxic, carbonated solution called The Natural, which uses only 20 percent of the water used by other carpet cleaning methods.

The Caldwells' commitment to the environment continues after hours. David Caldwell belongs to the Northern Kentucky Fly Fishing Club, and Brent is a certified scuba diving instructor; both volunteer for the Sierra Club. Three times a year, they collect water samples from the Licking Valley watershed, test them for impurities, and send them to environmental personnel in Kentucky state government.

Preserving our natural heritage does not preclude All Season's pursuit of new territory.

David Caldwell is excited about Chem-Dry's new product for hardwood floor renewal, and looks forward to growth in his franchise. "Currently, we have two trucks and three employees. I'd like to expand that to ten trucks soon."

Chem-Dry is a division of The Home Depot.

Writer: Elena Stevenson
Source: David Caldwell, Owner, All Season Chem-Dry
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