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The internet-based Cincinnati company was launched by Isaac Foust, who moved here from Colorado specifically to start the business. He and two other friends decided to launch in three spots across the country after Faust worked as a warehouse and operations manager for a similar successful company in Colorado.

The sister business are in Atlanta and Phoenix.

"I picked Cincinnati on the demographics. Nothing like this is in existence yet, and there's access to the entire Midwest. Louisville, Lexington and Indianapolis are all reachable from here. Cincinnati was the best choice," said Faust, who's originally from Elkhart, Indiana.

Nature's Garden Delivered launched early this year. Customers can order various priced packages of organic, fresh foods through the company Web site. Packages range in price from $25 to $55 a week. During the Ohio Valley growing season, Faust relies mainly on produce from local and regional farmers. During the cold months, he uses a distributer that specializes in certified organics in addition to providing local lettuce, eggs, bread and other products.

Foust personally delivers the produce to customer homes in biodiesel-powered vehicles. His packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, allowing the business - and his customers - to have a lower carbon footprint.

Foust plans to build his business base in Cincinnati before expanding to other parts of the Midwest.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Isaac Foust, founder Natures Garden Delivered

Nature's Garden Delivered
Cincinnati, OH