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Success can be measured in many ways. Survival can be one. Sticking to the tried and true is another. Moving forward and changing with the times is a third.

As a decade-old Cincinnati firm in the competitive IT market, PSI Groups had accomplished all three. But the firm - which has expanded its consulting services and rebranded itself as Cohesion Business Technology - sees its triumphs as something that go hand-in-hand with the growth and business achievements of its clients.

"Cohesion adds real value because our IT experts are business people, too," said Cohesion CEO and founder John Owens. "We measure the success of our projects with how well they helped our clients succeed in a competitive market."

Knowing what clients want - and knowing their business climate along with their technology needs - is the company’s reason for being, how it got its start, and why it keeps going, Owens said.

"The idea to start Cohesion came from our discovery that current partners and providers did not understand their clients' businesses," Owens said. "Our competitors were professional, fast to respond and inexpensive, but they did not really add value to the client's businesses or the consultant’s career growth."

Cohesion specializes in IT project planning and management, web and application development, and software testing and quality assurance. It helps business leaders achieve technology goals from an IT consulting perspective.  

"We never approach a client with the question, 'What do you want or need?' or 'How may I help you today?' Instead, we begin by creating a dialogue regarding their business goals and objectives.  We ask, 'What are you doing? Why are you doing it this way? What needs to happen to make it better?' We then offer solutions to solve their complex business problems with IT solutions," Owens said.

The newly branded company will continue to provide IT consulting services in five core industries: banking and financial services, health care, insurance, public sector and technology. Those five industries help explain why Owens, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and a self-described "techie," made Cincinnati his company's headquarters.

"Cincinnati is a great location for our headquarters," he said. "It has close proximity to many of our clients.  Also, there is a strong talent pool. Additionally, there is a significant economic base that includes large companies in the financial services, insurance, and health care industries."

Cohesion has more than 200 employees in its main office in Cincinnati, and four other offices in the United States - in Cleveland and Columbus, in Boston, and in Charlotte, N.C.

"I see spectacular opportunity for our company moving forward," he said. "I expect and welcome change, as change favors a prepared mind. The industries we serve are all poised for growth. The services we provide are specialized and focused, and will evolve as our clients needs evolve, and as technology moves rapidly to the cloud. These are exciting times for Cohesion."

Writer: Paul Long
Sources: Cohesion CEO and founder John Owens
Cohesion Business Technology
9200 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
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