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Jamie Diersing and Kate Rivinus Blackman have been friends and creative colleagues for more than a decade. The graphic designers worked together in the corporate world in L.A. where Diersing moved from Cincinnati after college. But recent years sent them on divergent paths: Diersing and her husband live in Cincinnati with their young daughter; Blackman and her husband live in an L.A. home where they love to entertain.

Although the two women have separate lives, having moved thousands of miles apart, Diersing knew her friend would was the right to person to help launch a family and lifestyle paper products company that tied both their lives together.

Just this year they debuted Egg2Cake. It features a line of products inspired and, of course, designed by Diersing and Blackman. The company features two product lines: Momglish, products inspired by motherhood, and Cards2Give, cute and quirky cards for "every occasion and no occasion."

"In the past 12 years that we've known each other, we've always worked together in some capacity. I've been back in Cincinnati for seven years now, balancing career and motherhood and still working with Kate long distance in a surprisingly seamless fashion. It seems thousands of miles can't keep us apart!" Diersing said.

The Momglish line was inspired by Diersing's own journey into motherhood. It includes greeting cards, note pads, sticky notes, coasters, journals and more centered on motherhood and the new language mothers everywhere learn as they raise the next generation. The products mix humor and wit, like a door hanger proclaiming "Do not perturb: Cranky mama on the other side." There's also the 12-set drink coaster product with a breast feeding theme; one coaster reads "Pump Now or Pay Later: Welcome to Boobtopia"

"We create products for parenting, entertaining and celebrating that are part playful, part practical and always meaningful, striving to help people plan for, celebrate and capture not only life’s milestones but the in between moments as well, from the mundane to the memorable," Diersing said.

The greeting card line follows that same cheeky pattern. For instance, one card proclaims "For the Record: THIS IS NOT a Valentine's card, But it IS a good day to tell you how much I love you."

The products can be purchased online or at Becoming Mom spa in Deerfield Township. The pair is currently working on marketing the company and expanding their product line. Toast, devoted to entertainment and celebration products, is set to launch next year.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Jamie Diersing, co-founder Egg2Cake

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Cincinnati , OH