Growing Companies

Though Kaleidoscope has been around for 22 years, in its last decade, under employee-turned-owner Matt Kornau’s leadership, its focus has shifted to four distinct areas of product development.

By keeping a clear eye on consumer goods, electronics, healthcare and transportation, Kaleidoscope takes the process from research to ideation, rather than engineering.

The process begins with visualization. Kaleidoscope provides services from 3d modeling to photorealistic renderings, eliminating the need for expensive prototypes. From there, they conduct focus groups, online testing to tap into multiple aspects of consumers’ mindsets.

After visualization and research comes interaction design. Through well-informed design, Kaleidoscope helps large companies like Motorola, Ford and Microsoft consistently deliver products their customers want and need. From product planning to industrial and graphic design to color finish, every aspect of a product is constructed with its end-user in mind.

Since Kornau took over, Kaleidoscope has added two offices in New York, one in Detroit and one in Indianapolis, two satellite offices in Florida and a newly opened office in China. Headquarters remain in Cincinnati. With nearly 70 full-time employees, Kaleidoscope has positions its offices so that workers can better serve their clients.

In addition to its for-profit work, Kaleidoscope has partnered with the local non-profit Design Impact. The local startup works with other non-profits in India to design products to help rural, low-income communities improve their standard of living. After Kornau talked with DI’s co-founder Ramsey Ford, he decided to provide funding for DI.

From ideation to engineering, Kaleidoscope provides clients with tools to give consumers products they will use and enjoy.

By Evan Wallis
205 West Fourth Street,Suite 1140
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Matt Kornau