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Troy Henson, president, founded the web design company in 2004. A single point of contact resource, Blue Kaboom offers “intimate but affordable” custom websites, web hosting, search engine optimization, consulting, and technical support.

As a Cincinnati native, Henson says he’s committed to the Cincinnati community, and credits the quick growth of his customer base to prior connections with local companies. Clients include the corporate set (Fujitec, Procter and Gamble) and entertainment giants (Kings Island, EnterTRAINment Junction). But Henson is proud of the personal touch Blue Kaboom lends to each site.

“If you compare us to other web design firms, we’re small, but we’re able to work more closely with each client. I’m involved with every proposal and project,” said Henson, a former Internet and Data Product Manager at Cincinnati Bell. 

Henson believes the small size of Blue Kaboom, with four employees, allows for more maneuverability in a constantly changing market: modifying websites to keep up with trends, and providing a quick turnaround on projects.

Blue Kaboom uses no web templates, each site is designed to meet the business’ practical needs, while expressing its individual style. Henson’s latest challenge was a redesign of the Butler County Visitors’ Bureau website.

“It had to be easily searchable for visitors to find restaurants and entertainment. But the administrators needed to be able to update content on a daily basis—from anywhere on the site.”

Henson and his staff used a Google-fueled search tool to ensure visitors could find quick, accurate information, and organized procedures for ease of use.

Henson also uses his Web expertise to support the local GLBT community. Blue Kaboom manages the Cincinnati Gay Yellow Pages. The site features businesses, events, articles, and classifieds. Launched in February, the site offers a basic listing at no cost. Henson hopes to expand the site’s user base in the coming year.

With so much of modern business life on the Internet, Blue Kaboom offers local businesses the tools to make e-commerce easy. Yet Troy Henson and his team have not forgotten the importance of face-to-face business. No company’s too small to sit down with Henson, who says he never forgets the human needs behind the tech sector.

Writer: Elena Stevenson

Source: Troy Henson, President, Blue Kaboom;

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