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Meridian Mark Language Services, in Milford, offers a range of translation services for company products including web sites, multi-lingual desktop publishing and interpretation services. Meridian offers translation in more than 150 languages and works with more than 70 types of computer and technical programs, including InDesign, Java, PageMaker, Quark and Microsoft Office products.

Madonna Kohnen, along with three partners, started the company in January 2009. Kohnen, VP of Operations, has more than 25 years of experience in project management for a diverse array of companies, from cleaners to packagers and non-profits. She brings that management skill to Meridian’s clients, who are looking to break into new markets by translating company communications.  In today’s global economy, bad communications can be bad for business. The U.S. State Department estimates U.S. companies lose $50 billion each year due to faulty translation.

Meridian Mark Language Services works with clients on an individual basis, offering customized services, using specialized translators who have written and verbal expertise in the client’s target demographic and specialized industry.

“I worked for an ad agency and managed some of their translation work. And I, and one of the other business partners who had been exposed to the industry, later decided to start our own company in this area,” Kohnen said.

Meridian subcontracts with a number of high-quality translators and identifies the right translation products for clients, which are generally small to medium-sized businesses.

“I find out what the needs of the clients are, and put together the best team that can manage that particular project,” Kohnen said.

In August, the company received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise through the Ohio River Valley Women's Business Council Certification Committee, the local affiliate for the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Madonna Kohnen, VP of Operations, Meridian Mark Language Services 

Meridian Mark Language Services
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