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Much has changed in the quarter century since Vivian Llambi first opened her landscape business from a spare bedroom of her home in 1984.  Today, the offices of her award-winning company are comfortably nestled in one of Walnut Hill's most beloved estates- the Pogue Mansion- and she is surrounded by a talented team of associates representing a wide range of expertise.
In addition to landscape architects, urban designers and planners, "our integrated services also include civil engineering, which is critical to ensuring that a site 'works' while ensuring that the intended aesthetics are respected," says Llambi, who credits the success and uniqueness of her firm to this assimilation of talent.  

The diversity of skills represented by VLA's team of professionals is easily matched by their broad scope of clients and projects including design and planning for corporate facilities, parks and recreation facilities, streetscapes, urban plazas and riverfronts, universities, commercial developments and more.  Most recently, and soon to debut at the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Lexington, is the firm's impressive contribution to the Kentucky Horse Park Arena.  

A testament to the quality of VLA's accomplishments are the innumerable awards they have earned, including a recent honor which Llambi believes will have a strong impact on her company's continued growth and success- the selection of VLA by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce as one of only two Hispanic-owned businesses to be added to the Minority Business Accelerator.   "With the guidance and access that the MBA will provide," says Llambi, "we plan on expanding into other markets as well as Cincinnati."

Llambi's notable accomplishments and passion for her work are equaled by that which she feels for the ground in which VLA's roots have flourished. 

"Our region continues to make significant strides in the areas of land use planning, improving neighborhoods, enhancing quality of life, healthier lifestyles, etc.," says the University of Florida-trained landscape architect.  

"These changes have and will continue to benefit the business climate in our region," adds Llambi, whose "bloom where you are planted" perspective promises to transform and enhance the beauty of our area for years to come.

Writer: Alyce Vilines
Source: Vivian Llambi, founder Vivian Llambi & Associates

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