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The Wolf Group President and Founder Mona Wolf has made a name for herself across the country in this highly specialized “sensory field” of work. For example, taste testers are trained in 44 attributes of taste. She started her own business after leaving a similar job at Kroger.

“I had been the head of the sensory department for Kroger for 10 years.  When I left Kroger in 1988 I wanted to stay in this business because I have a passion for sensory and what it can tell a company about its product,” Wolf said.

The Wolf Group works with companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 Companies. And Wolf wrote the book – literally – on this field as the co-editor of ASTM Sensory Testing Methods Manual 26, a best practices manual for sensory testing and evaluation. The Wolf Group specializes in Sensory Evaluation, Quality Control, Product Matching, Quality Improvement and Concept Testing.

“The most popular service we have is product optimization, which statistically combines the liking scores of the consumer with the descriptive profiles done by our trained panel to determine the optimum product and the drivers of liking for that product,” Wolf said.

In late 2007, the company underwent a large expansion that included a new conference room, focus group client room, client exercise room and industrial and consumer kitchens among other state-of-the art upgrades.

Wolf credits the employees’ experience and knowledge base with the company’s success.

“We have a great deal of experience in what we are selling.  Many companies say they offer what we offer but few have the working knowledge we do,” she said.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Mona Wolf, owner and founder The Wolf Group
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