Growing Companies

Buzz360 is a division of PowerNetGlobal, a $100 million privately owned telecommunications company  that employs 200.

Buzz360 specializes in developing targeted customer messages, viral campaigns and other marketing techniques that can be distributed across a spectrum of platforms including mobile phones, web sites, and social networks including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These techniques are designed to create a personal, engaging experience between the client and the customer, driving purchases.

The company creates messages through analyzing client's consumer data at the individual level. Its individualized approach has been used in some unconventional ways, including in the most recent Flying Pig Marathon.

"We worked with the flying pig to track a runner by your phone. If you had a friend running and wanted to keep up with them, you could get a real time update of where they were in the race," said Chris Bergman, Buzz360 Social Media Strategist.

They've also developed client coupons that can be accessed by mobile phone.

Among the company's clients are Subway, LaRosa's Pizzeria, Triumph Energy, and EndResult Inc.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Chris Bergman, Buzz360 Social Media Strategist

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Cincinnati, OH 45014
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