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A self-proclaimed "girly-girl," Supernatural Botanicals CEO Robin Feltner makes no apologies. If anything, she considers her feminine nature at the very center of her company's success. In early 2008, after a lifetime of creating her own personal skincare products at home, and gifting family and friends with the same, Feltner launched Supernatural Botanicals, an eco-chic bath and body company, located in Delhi.

A combination of her passion for beauty products and her disillusionment with what was available on the market ("I didn't want to smell like bubblegum," she said) prompted Feltner to begin mixing her own formulas. A former pharmacy major at the University of Cincinnati, Feltner has a healthy knowledge of what is beneficial, as well as what is potentially harmful, to the skin.

"Ninety-five percent of what we put on our skin is absorbed by the body," said Feltner, who sees no reason to use unnecessary chemicals and preservatives "with the array of organic ingredients available to us in nature."

Feltner relies on centuries-old recipes to create her products, using pure essential oils, vitamins, high-quality beeswaxes, botanical extracts, and pure cocoa butters to produce her extensive skincare line and prides herself on adhering to green practices and principles in their manufacture.

Feltner also speaks passionately about her target market. Though the Supernatural Botanicals line has shown universal appeal, Feltner defines her targeted customer as the 25-and-older "grown, sexy woman."

Offering a wide selection of organic body lotions, spa soaps, linen sprays, a botanical skincare system and more, the Supernatural Botanicals company has garnered popular national attention in its two short years in business. The company was recently contacted by "Everyday with Rachael Ray" magazine for a feature in an upcoming issue because of the many favorable web posts they've received about Supernatural Botanicals.  Consumer demand in their east-coast-to-west coast distribution has spawned the development of a soon-to-be-released hair-care line, as well as a line of men's skincare formulas.

With business booming, the company is also quickly outgrowing its home base and they are already anticipating the need for additional employees to deal with the busy holiday season ahead.

Those are impressive problems to have for a company born in the midst of a recession. Feltner sees the economic climate as a blessing. "I wasn't looking for instant success. In this economy, I have had to work for it and I feel a great deal of pride in that."  It seems beauty, after all, is more than skin deep.

Writer: Alyce Vilines
Source: Supernatural Botanicals CEO Robin Feltner
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