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MarketVision Research recently sent its interviewers out into the field to survey a critical aspect affecting today's shoppers - how is the rising and record-setting price of gasoline influencing their spending habits.

The assessment showed how the Cincinnati company has grown through the years only through its signature data-driven, quantitative analysis, but also the more thoughtful, qualitative analysis that help companies understand what drives the decisions of their client's customers.

"At MarketVision, we're an insight-driven firm," said company president Tyler McMullen. "We work with clients to help them understand their customers and their position in the market."

MarketVision provides design, execution and interpretation of marketing research and information to deliver that information to their clients throughout North America, McMullen said. It helps clients set up new products, envision new concepts, or extend their existing product lines, he said.

In addition, it helps clients understand their equity in the marketplace, and research how pricing will impact their sales. In short, it facilitates clients' awareness of their products and their place in the market.

In doing so, it uses some traditional market research tools - polling potential consumers, analyzing that research, and offering consultation on how to implement the results. But it also measures that through what it calls "actionability," a mixture of thorough planning and a clearly articulated decision-making path.

It works mostly in the consumer market, McMullen said, although a good portion of its sales comes from business-to-business marketing.

MarketVision started in 1983 as a division of Taft Broadcasting. When McMullen came on in 1999, it had about 35 employees. Today, it has about 100 full-time employees and another 75 part-timers, McMullen said.

It has growing plans for the future. In the next few weeks, MarketVision plans to roll out an improved website, which it hopes will promote itself in the new media, McMullen said.

Writer: Paul Long
Source: Tyler McMullen
MarketVision Research
10300 Alliance Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242