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Scott Miller launched B2Bee in mid-2010 with the goal of making the invoicing process easy and accessible for the average Jane or Joe running a small business.

B2Bee is an online invoicing system he developed to help entrepreneurs keep track of their business expenses without getting bogged down in an overwhelming amount of accounting details.

Miller sees his product as a counter to industry standard QuickBooks, which he found can be difficult for someone without an accounting background to navigate quickly.

"I used Quickbooks in the past, and figured it was pretty easy for everyone to use. But I found out that many people were dissatisfied with it. I found it was pretty easy to use if you have an accounting background," Miller said.

This isn't Miller's first go in software innovation. In 2004, Miller sold Treadstone Group, an IT consulting and systems integration firm, to Exact Software. He spent a few years out of the software world, but soon got the itch to develop another product. B2Bee was the culmination of time spent in coffee shops talking to small business owners and contractors, the very people he was trying to reach.

"I decided I wanted to work with other entrepreneurs and service providers. I wanted to give them a system that you could get set up in five minutes and learn your way through quickly," he said.

The software is internet-based, and can be downloaded from the B2Bee website, users pay $14 a month for the service. Users can access the program for free for their first three clients - when a company gets a fourth client the $14 a month service fee kicks in. The website also offers a 30-day free trial.

B2Bee's offices are in the Hamilton County Business Center, and the company's offering are growing. It has just added Time Tracking to its service to help users more easily keep track of labor for project or contract work. Once the time is tracked, it can quickly be integrated into an invoice.

"This is another way to help our small services and businesses," Miller said. "We have a great and simple program."

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: B2Bee founder Scott Miller

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