Growing Companies

That syrup you use to flavor your coffee in the morning just might be made right here in Cincinnati.

Located in Fairfax, Dominion is the result of the asset purchase of Flavor Syrups International, Inc., which the company says gave it "decades of collective experience in the food and beverage industry." It has grown from a small startup company manufacturing coffee flavored syrups to one that develops and produces energy shots, pancake syrups, cocktail mixes, barbeques and hot sauces, and other products, which are manufactured in Cincinnati and shipped both domestically and internationally.

And now, Dominion Liquid Technologies is announcing another line of flavored syrups that will cost less, but the company says will still pack the same flavorful punch. Café al Fresco Gourmet Syrups is a a new value-priced syrup line.

"Who says big flavor has to come at a big price?" said Charlie Cain, Dominion president and CEO. "Our new line . . . offers consumers an economical alternative to high-priced coffee syrups without sacrificing taste. We have gone where no manufacturer has gone before. Consumers can enjoy the taste of their favorite coffee shop beverages right at home."

The company says it can produce small batches of 65 gallons to large volumes of 2,000 or more gallons. The products are sold under a variety of names and labels, or used in restaurants and convenience stores.

Café al Fresco is the company's second self-branded product, but more are expected, said Brian Young, the company's vice president of sales and marketing. Those will include both lower-priced items as well as more higher-end products, he said.

Cain, the majority owner, said business has been expanding. When he bought the company in July 2009, its office and manufacturing space was 44,000 square feet. It's now up to 58,000, and he is negotiating for even more space. And in the past year, the number of full-time employees has jumped from 28 to 36, and that is expected to continue to rise, Cain said.He said that growth has come about because of the company's employees and its ability to a serves it customers and keep them satisfied.

"When I bought the company, one person did everything," he said. "I thought it was important to build a quality team."

In addition, he said, the company has achieved national certification for its quality, and is in the process of obtaining international certification, which larger retailers in the United States and abroad require.

Writer: Paul A. Long
Sources: Charlie Cain, Dominion president and CEO; Brian Young, vice president of sales and marketing
Dominion Liquid Technologies
3965 Virginia Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45227