Blog: Steve Magas

Steve Magas

Steve Magas is an avid cyclist and Cincinnati trial lawyer whose unique law practice at The Magas Firm focuses on two-wheeled advocacy.  While Steve has handled, and continues to handle, a diverse selection of cases his passion has been representing riders injured or killed on the roadways.   He has handled cases throughout Ohio and has been called into bike cases in Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Kentucky and Indiana.

Steve has handled more than 250 "bike cases" ranging from simple traffic tickets to complex products liability claims, dog attacks and car/truck/bike crashes leading to severe injuries, brain damage and death.  Steve's niche in the world of bicycles was recognized nationally in a full-page feature article in Lawyer's Weekly U.S.A, and in Cincinnati magazine, the inaugural issue of Cincy Business and the Cincinnati Post.

Steve's interest in cycling goes well beyond "bike cases" and into the realm of Cycling Advocacy.  He sits on the Board of the Ohio Bicycle Federation, drafts "bike" legislation, testifies regularly in Columbus on pending "bike" and motorcycle bills, writes a "bike law" blog  and on Facebook and has traveled to Washington D.C. several times to lobby for "bike policy" at the national level. 

Steve is the co-author of "Bicycling and the Law," which features a Forward by Lance Armstrong, and is a contributing author to that epic tome, "Bicycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation."  Steve has also contributed national articles to Bike USA and Adventure Cycling's "Cyclist's Yellow Pages" while continuing to publish articles in many local newsletters.  Steve has also been in demand as a lecturer, speaking at Transportation conferences, seminars and in various Bike Month events.

Steve and his new bride live in the woods of Anderson Township with two big, happy dogs, a couple of socially interactive gregarious cats and their wonderful kids.  In addition to law and bikes, Steve loves to blow his own horn, the trumpet kind, at Terry's Turf Club with Eric & The Bevadors from time to time.

Steve is always reachable at [email protected] or at 513-484-BIKE [2453] for a free consultation about your bike issues.