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Cincinnati In The News

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UC professors discover possible "gateway to civilizations" in Greece

A grave discovered by UC Classics professors Jack Davis and Sharon Stocker is yielding artifacts that The New York Times says could be "a gateway" to explain early Ancient Greek culture.

25 years later: Cincinnati and Mapplethorpe

Cincinnati writer/artist Grace Dobush has a well-written story in today's Washington Post about this weekend's 25th anniversary celebration of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe's infamous Perfect Moment exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Cincinnati among three new U.S. streetcar lines hitting milestones

Urban issues website Next City discusses Cincinnati's Streetcar's final downtown track section being completed in its weekly "New Starts" roundup of newsworthy public transportation projects worldwide.

Ohio political parties want to limit their own power in redistricting

Governing Magazine has a good roundup story about Ohio Issue 1, which would change how Ohio legislators draw its state senate and state rep districts every 10 years.

Procter & Gamble to run its home care/fabric product factories with wind power

Procter & Gamble officials announced at their annual shareholder meeting that the company is building a wind farm in Texas to power all of its North American plants that manufacture home care and fabric products.

Cincinnati's embrace of technology continues to draw attention, this time lasers & road repairs

The City of Cincinnati's embrace of technology and big data has exploded since the launch of its Office of Performance and Data Analytics late last year, with the latest approach being the use of lasers and GPS technology to fix potholes.

How Cincinnati fares in analysis of U.S. bike & walk commuting

According to the League of American Bicyclists, bike commuting is growing quickly in Cincinnati but remains about average for the city's size when analyzed as a percentage of overall commuting trips taken. The numbers of walkers are surprisingly high.

When art fought the law in Cincinnati and art won

On the 25th anniversary of the Contemporary Arts Center's Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition that resulted in obscenity charges against the CAC, Smithsonian Magazine tries to explain how Cincinnati has evolved.

Forbes Travel Guide: "4 reasons Cincinnati is on our radar"

Forbes Travel Guide is bragging on Cincinnati for our up-and-coming food scene, beer and bourbon heritage, an explosion of hipness and easy access to luxurious hotels and high-end experiences.

Considering Ohio's new ethics strategy of publicly shaming politicians

Governing Magazine looks at recent actions by State Auditor Dave Yost to publicize unethical behavior by government officials across Ohio with the hope that public shaming will deter future abuses of power.

How a fiddler and an astrophysicist introduced predictive analytics to Cincinnati

Tech website Backchannel is again heaping praise on the city of Cincinnati's efforts to integrate big data into its daily operations, this time interviewing Ed Cunningham, head of the city's building code enforcement operations who's also front man and fiddle player for Comet Bluegrass All-Stars.

New York Times tracks split over Boehner's resignation to Cincinnati area

The New York Times interviews a variety of Southwest Ohio residents and finds a mix of opinion over John Boehner's resignation as House Speaker.

Wired likes local project's use of video games to fight urban decay

Wired magazine took notice of local designer Giacomo Ciminello's use of video game play to help re-invigorate blighted spaces through his People’s Liberty grant project, Spaced Invaders.

How Hamilton produced "drill rap" star Slim Jesus

Hamilton is home to rap star Slim Jesus, whose controversial "Drill Time" video has over 1.5 million YouTube views. The Atlantic's CityLab says he's a product of Ohio's vanishing manufacturing sector and steady pro-firearms legislative march.

Oyler School's role in transforming Lower Price Hill praised by national education leader

Martin J. Blank, President of the Institute for Educational Leadership, writes about Oyler School's role in the transformation of Lower Price Hill in a Huffington Post blog post titled "What Happens When a Crack House Becomes an Early Childhood Learning Center?"
1700 Articles | Page: | Show All
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