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Cincinnati Zoo unveils cougar cubs

The Cincinnati Zoo welcomed two new baby cougars to its nursery. Considered the largest of the small cats, the cougars plan to reach a weight of 140 to 200 pounds. They will also join the zoo's Cat Ambassador Program to prepare for a Night Hunters exhibit planned for May.

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Children's Hospital research may help explain immune system diseases

Scientists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have found that the regulatory process for T Cells may help explain and develop cures for immune system diseases. T-cells are a type of white blood cell necessary for the body's defense system against diseases and pathogens. Now educated about the communication between T-cells, scientists have a better understanding to create therapeutic or diagnostic approaches of immune diseases.

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UC neurotrauma team awarded $2.1M to test 'lab on a tube'

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati received a $2.1 million Advanced Technology/Therapeutic Development Award from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop an advanced and improved brain monitor. The role of the design, known as the "small catheter," will monitor the brain of neurological patients and also drain cerebrospinal fluid. This quick and efficient advancement will allow information to be accessible on a single probe in place of using many different devices to gather information.

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CCM grad's music featured in new iPod Touch ad

A new iPod Touch Ad from Apple features music by Chris Olsen, a CCM Jazz Studies graduate, and his band Chappo. The two-member band produces an indie space rock sound using unique instruments and objects.

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UC tech promises best of e-readers, LCDs

The Novel Devices Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati, Gamma Dynamics, DuPont, and Sun Chemicals have developed new technology for LCD screens to produce bright screens with little battery power. The e-Design LCD's can be manufactured easily with readily available equipment and will be available within the next three years.

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center named center of excellence for molecular hematology

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has been recognized as a center of Excellence for Molecular Hematology. The hospital received a $3.4 million grant from the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, & Kidney Disease to establish a multi-disciplinary center in order to find new gene and cell therapies for inherited diseases affecting blood cells. The medical center is incredibly successful with the ability to claim excellence in basic science, expertise in genetic manipulation, and outstanding cell and gene therapies at a single location.

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Children's Hospital researchers increasing bone marrow transplant success rate

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center discovered information that could lead to a well-targeted therapy, improving the success rate of bone-marrow transplants. Bone-marrow transplants have a history of failing in the past, but this new research reveals a new rationale for successful transplants in the future.

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UC earns spot as one of the world's top universities

London's influential magazine, Times Higher Education, issued its annual 200 world university rankings. The University of Cincinnati ranked for the first time on this prestigious list as 190th among all universities and 76th regionally among North American schools. Times Higher Education claims this is the most rigorous and reliable rankings ever as the magazine looks at five different categories including teaching, research, citations, industry income, and international mix.

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UC "guru" and grads profiled in Entrepreneur

UC professor Chuck Matthews and graduates Ahmed Shuja, Dan Cremons, and Dan Shelly were profiled in Entrepreneur magazine's 'gurus and grads' issue. Matthews is the founder and executive director of UC's Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Research. He earned his doctorate in business from UC. His former students have found success in the business world with Meridian Life Sciences, Alpine Investors, and Progressive Cooling Solutions.

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TriHealth and P&G top companies for working mothers

Working Mother Magazine published its Best 100 Companies for 2010, recognizing two Cincinnati-based companies, Procter & Gamble and TriHealth. The survey measured seven areas including work force profile, benefits, women's issues and advancement, childcare, company culture, flexible work, and parental leave. P&G has 43% women in its workforce ;TriHealth has 83%. 

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Air Force, UC expand medical research

University of Cincinnati signed a six-year contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory, receiving $24 million for medical research. The research includes studying how the medical environment on board airplanes affects the body, treatments for this outcome, and how much oxygen is needed when using an oxygen-concentrated device at higher altitudes. UC hopes to have more research projects under this contract and expand their work with Air Force personnel at Wright-Patterson.

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Ohio Justice & Policy Center helps fight for ex-offenders to have a fair chance at employment

David Singleton, executive director at the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, helps fight for ex-offenders to have a fair chance at employment. Singleton, along with other local governments in various states, suggests banning the criminal history section on a job application. CNN also featured Dr. Victoria Garcia, an Ohio professor of surgery and pediatrics, who believes there is a direct relation between unemployment and gun violence.

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Portland streetcar success has fueled interest elsewhere

The streetcar built in 2001 in Portland, Oregon has now inspired other cities, including Cincinnati, to build streetcars in a time of rebirth for the city. Portland's streetcar proved to be a success
by transforming a neighborhood with boutiques, condos, and restaurants. The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded 258.6 million dollars for streetcars in various cities.

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital lands $12M for epilepsy research

The National Institute of Health granted 11.7 million dollars to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for epilepsy research. The four-year study includes comparing the long-term effects of three different
drugs used to treat epilepsy. 441 patients and 31 medical centers will be involved to find the best treatment for those who suffer from epilepsy.

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UC to invest one million for Indian students

University of Cincinnati plans to invest one million dollars in undergraduate scholarships for Indian students. Beginning in 2011, the university will issue two full scholarships to Indian students who have overcome substantial disadvantages while pursuing education. UC has a population of 2,000 international students, who also have the advantage of receiving scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $12,000 per year.

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