Soapicks February 2-8

Brie and Bubbly
February 3
Would you like some cheese with that wine? It's not just a teasing remark, it's an invitation. Dress for Success invites you to their Young Professionals Wine and Cheese Happy Hour this Wednesday evening from 5:30 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. To honor volunteer month and Young Professionals who help this non-profit achieve its mission of promoting the independence of disadvantaged women, this happy hour will provide the opportunity to tour Dress for Success's downtown location as well as meet and mingle with other YP's over a glass of wine.  If you're not familiar with the amazing work Dress for Success does then get downtown this Wednesday night and find out how you can become part of a program that provides professional attire, support and career development tools to help women thrive in work and life

Appetite For Art
February 6
Move over Betty Crocker, Matt Morris is whipping up some delectable recipes of his own. In his latest exhibit, Recipes During Wartime, at U-turn Art Space, Morris creates an installation reminiscent of museum period rooms, haunted houses, and the occasional sick room. Recipes uses pared down materials, edible ruins and experiments with light and scent to trick the viewer's mind into believing they're seeing the tangible remnants of a ruined banquet. Morris's installation beckons viewers to project themselves into a space that is right in front of them, yet cannot be entered.  Recipes During Wartime makes inquiries into and explores our psychologies as they relate to place, memory and the edges of perception. Bring your appetite for art to U-turn Art Space for the Opening Reception this Saturday from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.; exhibit continues thru February 27.

February 7
More important than the question of who will prevail this Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts or New Orleans Saints, is the question of where to watch the big game? Well if you haven't made plans yet, you're in luck because Venue 222 and the Over-the-Rhine Foundation are co-hosting the first annual Super OTR Bowl Party. Save yourself the mess and hassle of making Skyline dip for 20 and spend $20.00 to get into the party. The cover charge includes all the Moerlein Lager & Ales, Little Kings, Hudy Delight, Hudy 14-K, and Burger Classic you can handle along with wine, soda and water. But no Super Bowl party would be complete without good food, and that can be purchased from Cincinnati's Café de Wheels. Not only can you enjoy watching the game on large televisions and projection screens, but you'll feel good knowing all the proceeds from the party go to the Over-the-Rhine Foundation. The Super OTR Bowl Party kicks-off this Sunday at 5pm and goes till 10pm at Venue 222's space on 14th Street. Make your reservations today and be a part of a new OTR tradition.

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