Blog: Mayor Mark Mallory

Mayor Mark Mallory

Mark Mallory was sworn in as the 68th Mayor of the City of Cincinnati on December 1, 2005.  Mayor Mallory’s election marks the first time in over 70 years that Cincinnati has elected a Mayor who was not previously a member of City Council.  Mallory is also the first directly elected African American Mayor in Cincinnati’s history.  The Mayor took office focused on changing the way that business is done at City Hall to make it more accessible and citizen-friendly.

Mayor Mallory is a life-long Cincinnatian, born and raised in the West End. Before being elected Mayor, Mallory served in the Ohio General Assembly for nearly eleven years.  In 1994, he was elected to his first of two terms in the Ohio House, replacing his father who retired after three decades in the legislature.  In 1998, Mark Mallory defeated an incumbent Senator to be elected to the Ohio Senate.  Mallory served in leadership for most of his tenure in the legislature and rose to the position of Assistant Minority Leader of the Senate.

As Mayor, Mallory is using his skills at relationship building to create a collaborative spirit at City Hall that brings people together across party lines to address the needs of the city.  Mallory’s reforms have lead to more orderly and efficient City Council Meetings.  In his first term, the Mayor’s priorities include enhancing public safety, encouraging strong economic development, improving public transportation, strengthening neighborhoods, and protecting the environment.

In his first two weeks in office, Mallory fulfilled his promise to work across party lines by passing a budget with support of all three Cincinnati political parties.  The budget puts more police officers on the streets, supports a new firefighter recruit class, funds local Arts, and invests in neighborhood improvements; all while cutting property taxes.  Through the budget process, the Mayor was praised for the unprecedented level of teamwork with City Council in developing a budget that for the first time in recent memory did not require extensive debate and modification.

Mayor Mallory also serves his community outside City Hall on the boards of several community organizations.  Since entering public service, Mallory has received numerous “Legislator of the Year” awards and “Public Service” awards for his commitment to serving the people of Ohio.