Blog: Chris Boue

Chris Boue

Chris Boue, president and CEO of CH Mack, Inc., has led medical management technology services for over 17 years. From his sales leadership role at McKesson Corporation, a $93 billion healthcare services and information technology company, he has led successful sales and operations initiatives and driven key culture changes within the medical management technology industry.

Most recently, he served as vice president of operations at SDS, a $100-plus million national healthcare technology company.

Boue has broad-based experience in national operations and implementing automated workflow healthcare technology. His expertise extends to organizational development initiatives that empower top-drawer talent, strategic expansions to deliver long-term growth, and innovation leadership that accelerates EBITDA.

Headquartered in Cincinnati in Blue Ash, CH Mack has a solid history that has grown and evolved over time. Founded more than 17 years ago, the company began a tradition of passion and vision that has evolved into its mission of "productivity across the care continuum."

CH Mack, Inc. strives to set the standard for excellence in the support of health care management across the full continuum of care, technology platforms, and the lifetimes of the organizations and the patients it serves.

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