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Company: Ahalogy
Location: 3197 Linwood Ave
Cincinnati, OH
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Job Category: Design
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We’re looking for our second product designer to help craft the future of Ahalogy. We’re a well-funded, small team of thirty (in Cincinnati and around the world), shaping the way independent publishers distribute their work and iconic brands market their products. And we’re starting it all on Pinterest.

We’re building Ahalogy because we want to make creators more empowered, brands more authentic, and the web a more beautiful place. We believe society deserves content with integrity and marketing with meaning. Our products, community, and service are how we achieve that. At the core of these are beautifully designed experiences.

We work damned hard because the change we want to see in the world won’t happen on its own. The thirty of us aren’t here to build another messaging app—our tools help real people achieve dreams and put food on the table. We’re well funded to make sure you can be as supported, mindful, and empowered as you need.
We also know that for every exhale there must be an inhale. We listen to music together, play Xbox together, and go out together. We’ve seen each other at our best and, occasionally (re: after the holiday party), at our worst. We’re a stronger team for it.

You’ll be the second product designer—doubling the size of our design team! Thus far it’s just me (@cramer), but it’s time to bring in new experience, skills, and passions.
The design role is a robust one; it’s the glue of Ahalogy. It requires talking brand strategy and metrics, using a data set to inform iterative design solutions, and stewarding one’s work through its implementation.

You (our new designer) are passionate about creating elegant experiences and systems—not just with pixels, but interactions, words, and data as well. You appreciate the impact of type on legibility, of color on emotion, and of simplicity on a user’s sense of agency.
You’ve shipped a product on the web that you’re proud of and can talk through at length—both the good decisions and the ones you want back. You’ve designed for mobile. You can both display data well and use it to inform your decision-making. Opening Photoshop is not your first step when presented with a design challenge: you might talk, write, whiteboard, sketch, wireframe, mock, or prototype if it’s right for the job. And you’re versatile enough reaching for any of those tools when needed.

…doesn’t matter.
Our team is distributed: we’ve got folks in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Kiev, and here in Cincinnati. And we love it that way. Want to stay where you are? Cool. Want to move to an underrated city with ridiculously cheap rent? Ahalogy HQ is on Cincinnati’s Mount Lookout Square, and we’re happy to relocate you to this beautiful city.

Holler at @cramer.

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