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The University of Cincinnati’s Cancer Breast Institute’s Breast Cancer Center has started a risk assessment and management program to treat those with a moderately high or very high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.


High-risk individuals include those with strong family histories of breast (male or female) cancer and/or ovarian cancer; known personal or family genetic abnormality in a breast cancer gene; a previous breast biopsy showing atypical results; a history of chest wall radiation to treat Hodgkin’s disease; dense breasts on imaging; and a Gail model breast cancer risk of at least 1.67 percent over the next five years, or a greater than 20 percent lifetime risk.


“Patients will receive a personalized care plan evaluating risk and the next steps,” says Elyse Lower, center director and a professor at the UC College of Medicine. “They will also receive individual navigation to ensure that appropriate tests and follow up are offered.”


To read more about the center’s unique approach, click here.

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