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This year’s Brandemonium — a conference focused on the future and evolution of branding from industry thought-leaders — was held Oct. 2–4 and drew more than 1,000 attendees from across the country, despite overlapping New York’s Advertising Week.


The draw, in part, has to do with Cincinnati’s revitalization over the past decade, spurred by the Cincinnati Center Development Corp., the group responsible for OTR’s development.


However, it’s not just the booming city center — both large and small companies attract new residents with jobs ranging from technology to design, pulling employees away from more expensive cities with similar amenities.


“How do you compete?” asks Bill Donabedian, organizer of the event. “You don’t. It's what you can offer that New York can't.”


To read more about the event and Cincinnati’s redevelopment efforts, visit AdAge.

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