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What happened to Cincinnati's subway system?

At the turn of the 20th century, Cincinnati started construction on a subway system. But work on the 16-mile loop never finished. So what happened?

Streetcars: If you build it, will they come?

Slow to build and expensive to operate, streetcars could be the most maligned mode of transportation in America, Governing Magazine says in its June issue, but cities like Cincinnati keep building and opening new lines.

Walkable neighborhoods in U.S. cities are both wealthier and more highly educated

A new report studies the effects of walkable places on the wealth and equity of U.S. metro areas, rating Cincinnati #18 of the 30 metros studied and ranking it in the "lower-middle walkable urbanism" tier.

Local startup Spatial among 12 international companies in auto mobility accelerator

The mobility accelerator operated by Boulder-Color.-based Techstars recently named Cincinnati startup Spatial as one of the 12 companies in its Techstars Mobility Class of 2016.

Brent Spence Bridge an "infrastructure emergency," now what?

The Hill political newspaper website leads off its take on the top five "infrastructure emergencies" across the U.S. with the Brent Spence Bridge, reminding us that President Obama termed it "functionally obsolete."

Remembering Cincinnati's old streetcars as new ones take to the streets

Governing Magazine shows one of Cincinnati's defunct inclines carrying streetcars up and down one of the city's bare hills to juxtapose news of the new Cincinnati Streetcar debuting this September.

Want a bike-friendly city? Get ready to fail until it works, says Wired

A fascinating article from Wired about building a bike-friendly urban culture doesn't specifically mention Cincinnati, but its findings and recommendations definitely apply to us.

Cincinnati's never-used subway is 100 years old this month

The people of Cincinnati voted in 1916 to fund the construction of a subway loop, but construction was halted 10 years later, leaving abandoned tunnels and tracks under Central Parkway to this day.

Cincinnati Streetcar on the cover of British transit magazine

The February issue of Tramways & Urban Transit features a cover photo of the coming-soon Cincinnati Streetcar to illustrate its lead story, "A Bumper Year for Tramway Openings."

Top 10 new bike projects in North America in 2015

Despite slow and hard-won progress for bike advocates across North America, Next City details the top 10 victories worth celebrating in 2015.

Co-ops are an old alternative to the new app-based economy

Companies like Uber drive money out of local communities and erase the benefits that employees have fought hard for, Governing Magazine says, but local co-ops allow us to keep our dollars in our own communities.

How transportation planning is stuck in the past

A new report from the National League of Cities says planning efforts in U.S. cities still focus heavily on the problem of automobile congestion instead of looking at coming workforce and demographic changes.

Cincinnati has two of the 23 worst traffic bottlenecks in U.S.

The American Transportation Research Institute's annual analysis of truck GPS data shows that Cincinnati has two of the nation's 23 worst traffic bottlenecks: I-71/I-75 merge at the Brent Spence Bridge and I-75/I-74 merge.

Cincinnati among three new U.S. streetcar lines hitting milestones

Urban issues website Next City discusses Cincinnati's Streetcar's final downtown track section being completed in its weekly "New Starts" roundup of newsworthy public transportation projects worldwide.

Cincinnati's embrace of technology continues to draw attention, this time lasers & road repairs

The City of Cincinnati's embrace of technology and big data has exploded since the launch of its Office of Performance and Data Analytics late last year, with the latest approach being the use of lasers and GPS technology to fix potholes.

How Cincinnati fares in analysis of U.S. bike & walk commuting

According to the League of American Bicyclists, bike commuting is growing quickly in Cincinnati but remains about average for the city's size when analyzed as a percentage of overall commuting trips taken. The numbers of walkers are surprisingly high.

Jobs getting farther from home in U.S. cities

Jobs are moving farther away from where employees live, according to the Brookings Institution, which found that the number of jobs within a typical commuting distance dropped by 7 percent for suburban residents between 2000 and 2012 and by 3 percent for city residents.

Tolls on the rise as highway funding dries up

With shortfalls in federal transportation spending and the Highway Trust Fund, states and localities are exploring more tolls to support new capacity and other ongoing improvements. Is the Brent Spence Bridge project next?

Potential Seattle streetcar changes could impact national movement

Faced with declining ridership on its initial downtown streetcar line, Seattle is studying the idea of giving its streetcars dedicated lanes to improve running times and reliability.

Kansas City pulls together bistate transit authority to drive economic development

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority has created a powerful new CEO position to connect four different bus systems in the region (across two states) with each other and a new downtown streetcar line. Does anyone in Cincinnati think that's a good idea?

Eastern Corridor project: A road no one wants?

The Ohio Department of Transportation's ongoing study of the Eastern Corridor, which would feature a wider State Rte. 32 and a new commuter rail line, is being called "The $1.4 Billion Road No One Seems to Want" in a new Streetsblog USA post.

Nation's mayors want federal help on infrastructure

Last week's U.S. Conference of Mayors produced a resounding call for federal government help with urban transportation and infrastructure issues, and President Obama signaled support In his State of the Union address.

Cincinnati Streetcar part of $90 billion in transit developments across North America

The Cincinnati Streetcar project has lots of company across North America: $90.6 billion will be invested in 2015 on roughly 100 different bus rapid transit, streetcar and light/heavy rail projects in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

XU basketball player a driving force

ESPN goes along for a ride with Xavier basketball player Matt Stainbrook, Cincinnati's most famous Uber driver.

Better parking ideas for big cities

Cities can change the "politics of parking" by using new parking meter technology to reinforce community planning concepts and push economic development.

How idealism threatens to derail transit projects

"Perfect" can be the enemy of "good" when it comes to new urban transit projects, some of which are being derailed by an unlikely source: transit advocates.

How Cincinnnati's pro-streetcar campaigners won in the end

Ryan Messer and his grassroots group Believe in Cincinnati never took no for an answer.

Frontier sets sales record with new Cincinnati flights

Frontier Airlines set a company record for one-day ticket sales when the discount carrier announced new non-stop flights to five cities from low-fare-starved Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Cincinnati ranked among cities with highest share of bike commuters

Cincinnati is ranked 45th among the 70 largest cities with the highest share of bicycle commuters.

Vacation flights booming at high-fare Cincinnati airport

More cost-conscious travelers in Greater Cincinnati are now starting their vacations at the region's major airport, which has become known in recent years for budget-busting fares

Cincinnati airport ranked best in US

On March 26th Skytrax, a consultancy, released its list of the world’s 100 best airports. The highest-ranked in America was tiny Cincinnati, at 27th.

Cincinnati Metro: Building a better system

The Metro team has focused on its go*Forward plan to initiate new services for its riders.

FTA to Cincinnati: Consider more streetcar

The Federal Transit Administration appears to be encouraging Cincinnati to begin planning to extend its starter streetcar line, the latter currently under construction.

Cincinnati streetcar plan pits desire for growth against fiscal restraint

The New York Times weighs in on the Cincinnati streetcar project.

Cincinnati's streetcar advocates fought City Hall, won

A groundswell of citizen support rose from nowhere in just six weeks to fight City Hall and save Cincinnati's streetcar project.http://http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/26/cincinnati-streetcar-fight/4212727/

A triumph for transit in Cincinnati could mark major policy shift

Wired weighs in on the Cincinnati streetcar project.

New group petitioning to let voters decide streetcar's fate

A newly formed group known as We Believe in Cincinnati announced a petition drive to put the streetcar issue before voters in a special election as soon as February. They said they hoped to collect 12,000 signatures by Saturday.

Cincinnati's Airport: Best in the U.S.?

What makes the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport the top-ranked in the U.S.? NPR Morning Edition's Brian Naylor decided to fly here to find out.

Cincinnati plan to privatize parking sparks backlash

Cincinnati has plans to privatize parking, but not everyone is happy about the idea.

Read full story here.

Partnership for Sustainable Communities visits Cincinnati, Indianapolis

Last week, Deputy Secretary Porcari was in Cincinnati and Indianapolis, with his counterparts from HUD and EPA, reviewing both cities' progress on key projects funded by the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

Read the full story here.

New road design planned in Northern Kentucky

A traffic flow design planned for Northern Kentucky aims to smooth the ride for travelers using a technique that’s new to the region.

The Kentucky Enquirer reported the double crossover diamond interchange at Ky. 536 and Interstate 71/75 in Boone County will be among the first of its kind in the area.

Read the full story here.

Delta: No reductions at CVG

Delta's Cincinnati hub will survive the demise of the its Cincinnati-based Comair regional subsidiary, airline officials say.
In announcing its shutdown of Comair, Delta pledged that "no reductions in the number of Delta flights are planned at Cincinnati as a result of this decision."

Read the full story here.

Cincinnati studying bike share program

Cincinnati is conducting a feasibility study on establishing a bike share program in the city. 

Melissa McVey with the Transportation and Engineering Department says the program would allow people to rent bicycles for short periods of time.

Read the full story here.

Cincinnati vs. Cincinnati

In a post on Cincinnati called “A Midwest Conundrum” the author noted the apparent disconnect between a place that has probably the best collection of assets of any city/region its size in America, and the long-term stagnation the region has experienced.

Read the full story here.

Five reasons to put the Queen City on your travel list

The selling points may not be beaches or sky-high geysers, but Cincy does have the mojo. Here are 5 reasons why you should add Cincinnati to your US travel list, including the American Sign Museum.

Read the full story here.

Cincinnati makes list of top riverfront towns

Cincinnati has taken an especially hands-on approach to reclaiming its waterfront, clearing a path through old highways and industrial parks. This fall, it's slated to open the first phase of a $120 million, 45-acre riverfront park at its center.

See the full list here.

Cincinnati may scrap parking minimums downtown

Cincinnati City Councilor Roxanne Qualls is leading the charge to abolish parking minimums for developers building homes in the downtown and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods.

Read the full story here.

Cincinnati: A growing city

The only outsiders who regularly visited this notoriously violent part of the city were police. Perhaps that's why nobody seemed to care that Over-the-Rhine's crumbling, two- to five-story brick buildings, occupied largely by squatters and drug dealers, comprised the largest collection of 19th-century, Italianate architecture in America.
Read the full story here.

Road Trip! Destination: Cincinnati

Events calendars in Cincinnati most days are chock full of festivals, music jamborees and museum events from cultural staples such as the Cincinnati Ballet, Opera and Symphony. This year, the city will get a chance to poke its chest out a little farther than normal.

Read the full story here.

Smart Growth America interviews Mayor Mallory

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is on a mission to support economic development in his city, and he’s using smart growth and downtown development strategies to accomplish that goal.

Read the full story here.

Columbus Underground's roadtrip to OTR

Columbus Underground took a roadtrip to Over-the-Rhine last week. Check out their findings.

Read the full story here.

Cincinnati: beer, bourbon, ballet, Monet

I sometimes forget what a rich cultural resource we Lexingtonians have in Cincinnati, just 80 miles north of us. I am reminded of it every time I head there for a premier event, such as the recent performance by Shen Yun, the New York-based company famous for its classical Chinese ethnic and folk dancing.

Read the full story here.

US Airways to have Cincinnati-Washington flights

US Airways is launching a nonstop service between the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and Reagan National Airport outside Washington. The airline on Monday said the service would begin in May.

Read the full story here.

Mile High Club booming in Cincinnati

At $425 a pop, what may be the nation's only Mile High Club has been quietly operating for more than 20 years at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport. Business hit warp speed after Valentine's Day stories featuring Flamingo Air in local and national media.

Read the full story here.

Soapbox on Cincinnati Edition

Soapbox Cincinnati presented its 12 Things to Watch For in 2012 in its first issue of the year, and Managing Editor Elissa Yancey expounds upon those in a conversation with Mark Perzel.

Read the full story, and listen to the whole program, here.

Cincinnati voters clear the way for streetcar, joining national trend

This time it’s real.  Cincinnati voters have (again) defeated a misguided attempt to block the city’s new streetcar, which now will move forward and could be operational as early as 2013.

Read the full story here.

Nature trails can improve home's value

It turns out that living near Little Miami's Scenic Trail offers more than just natural beauty – it might also improve your home’s value. That’s the conclusion drawn by two University of Cincinnati researchers in a new report.

Read the full story here.

Obama takes jobs fight to his adversaries' turf

President Obama was back on the road on Thursday to sell his jobs plan — at an aging and overtaxed bridge connecting the home states of his chief Republican antagonists in Congress, Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate minority leader.

Read the whole story here.

Amp delivers its first electric Mercedes-Benz ML conversion

 Amp Electric Vehicles, a Cincinnati company that removes the internal parts of combustion passenger cars and replaces them with electric powertrains, has delivered its first conversion of a Mercedes-Benz ML 350. The conversion is part of a five-year contract between Amp Electric Vehicles and Northern Lights Energy of Iceland that will produce 1,000 electric vehicles.

Read the full story here.

Awards Program names Cincinnati businesses and organizations "Bike Friendly Destinations"

 Nearly 40 Cincinnati area businesses, organizations, and institutions were awarded as "Bike Friendly Destinations." Developed by Queen City Bike, this program encourages more people to travel by bicycle, benefitting the individual, destination, community and all of Cincinnati.

Read the full story here.

Ten best cities for commuters

Kiplinger selected its 10 Best Cities for Commuters, ranking Cincinnati at number seven. These cities have the easiest and most affordable commutes, while taking into consideration the population and low congestion costs. Cincinnati features two-bus services, and the future addition of the streetcar.

Read the full story here.

SORTA'S Colin Groth makes Mass Transit's 40 Under 40

MassTransit, sponsored by New Flyer, published its 2010 Top 40 Under 40 Award, recognizing the leadership and dedication of individuals in business. SORTA'S Colin Groth made the list, as he rose to the position of government relations director due to his commitment, professionalism, and work ethic with political environments of local, regional and national governments. Groth is now a part of the development of the intermodal transit center in Cincinnati. He is actively involved with the community and will help improve the public transportation system by meeting the community's needs and enhancing Cincinnati's competitiveness in the global economy.

Read the full story here.

Portland streetcar success has fueled interest elsewhere

The streetcar built in 2001 in Portland, Oregon has now inspired other cities, including Cincinnati, to build streetcars in a time of rebirth for the city. Portland's streetcar proved to be a success
by transforming a neighborhood with boutiques, condos, and restaurants. The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded 258.6 million dollars for streetcars in various cities.

Read the full story here.

American Airlines starts non-stop service from JFK to Cincinnati

American Airlines announced a daily non-stop service flight between New York and Cincinnati as well as Indianapolis and Norfolk. This addition allows more access to three key business cities for New York residents and also more access to international flights from JFK for Cincinnati residents.

Read the full story here.

CVG International Airport adds Air Canada

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport regained service with Air Canada, offering two daily round trip flights to Toronto. This addition benefits local travelers because Toronto is a major business destination and a main international transfer point. It also shows the strong demand for air service in the local market as well as improvement in diversity of airlines at CVG.

Read the full story here.
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