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Ten places to eat for $10 or less in Greater Cincinnati

Everyone is on a budget these days, but USA Today hit the jackpot and dug up the best eats and drinks in Greater Cincinnati that are $10 and under.

  • Carabello Coffee in Newport features fresh roasted coffees to-go, to enjoy in its cafe or to sip at the Analog Slow Bar.
  • Chili is a Cincinnati staple, but according to USA Today, Camp Washington Chili has the best bang for your buck.
  • Che has a great happy hour, but its fritas are always only a few dollars.
  • The McCoppin's breakfast sandwich at Hotel Covington's restaurant Coppin's is $10 and is served with a side of potatoes.
  • A whole meal of mouth-watering smoked meats and picnic-ready sides is available at either Eli's BBQ location for about $8.
  • Turtles at Gomez Salsa are the perfect on-the-go food, and they don't hurt your pocketbook either.
  • The Globe, a new bar in downtown Covington, has some thirst-quenching drink deals.
  • Everything on the menu at Graeter's is under $10.
  • Housemade macarons at Macaron Bar are $2.50 a piece, or you can take home a box of six for $12.
  • Zip's Cafe in Mt. Lookout has been around for decades, and the prices haven't changed much.

NKU lands on list of top 50 schools for LGBTQ students

College Choice recently ranked the top 50 colleges and universities for LGBTQ students. Northern Kentucky University came in at no. 31 on the list.

The website examined schools that protect their LGBTQ students through policy inclusion, resources, services and LGBTQ curriculum. From there, it compared the institutions' academic reputation, student satisfaction, affordability and average annual salary of graduates to create the ranking.

NKU has the LGBTQ Student Ambassadors, and every October, the entire campus celebrates LGBTQ History Month. NKU also has an active student life — including many queer and trans clubs and organizations for students. Its progressive campus safety policies and procedures; inclusive and exhaustive healthcare system; support groups for LGBTQ students struggling with depression and/or anxiety; and its LGBTQ policy statements and institutional commitments.

See what other schools made the list.


The Video Archive gets visits from two entertainment powerhouses

The Video Archive is getting lots of press lately, including from Bon Appetit and Bravo! The Quentin Tarantino-themed bar is hidden behind a secret door in a small movie store.

Once you enter the bar, you enter the world of Pulp Fiction, where clips from the film play on TVs around the bar, and a wall of Uma Thurmans hang out over the jukebox. The $5 milkshake is a must-have, and just like at the video store, you can order your favorite movie snacks.

The Video Archive also hosts movie nights on its outdoor patio, and the staff of talented bartenders create themed cocktails for the events. 

Read more about The Video Archive here and here.

Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip named a summer staple

Graeter's has been around since 1870, and the company has stayed true to its artisinal, small batch, handcrafted roots for more than 145 years.

Its OG flavor, Black Raspberry Chip, was handpicked by People.com as one of the summer's must-have ice creams. And that's saying something (just check out the list)!

If you've never had Black Raspberry Chip, it's a creamy black raspberry flavored ice cream with huge chunks of chocolate smattered throughout. You can get a scoop of it at any of Graeter's Cincinnati locations or purchase a pint of it for about $6 at regional grocery stores.

Or, if you're like Oprah, you can ship six pints of it to your front door for $80.

Star Wars costume exhibit considered must-see of the summer

There's been a ton of local hype around Star Wars and the Power of Costume — and now it's drawing some national attention from Cheapism.com's blog. It was recently included in the site's list of 20 must-see exhibits of the summer.

Visitors to the Cincinnati Museum Center (yes, parts of Union Terminal are open during renovations) get an up-close-and-personal look at over 60 costumes that were used in Star Wars movies. Exhibit highlights include robes worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader's suit and breathing mask and Stormtrooper uniforms. 

The exhibit is on display now through Oct. 1; tickets are $24 for adults, $21 for seniors and $16 for kids ages 3-12. Click here for more information.


Queen City tops list of 25 best cities for people under the age of 35

There are many reasons why Cincinnati attracts young professionals: locally owned and operated restaurants, great beer, rich history, affordable housing and a strong job market. According to CNBC, these are just a few of the reasons why the city made it on Growella's list of top 25 cities for people under the age of 35.

Cincinnati came in at no. 16, just ahead of St. Louis.

Cincinnati received an A-, and is considered a great place for millenials because it has the ninth strongest paycheck 17 percent more job openings than the average city.

To decide the top 25 cities, Growella, which is based right here in Cincinnati, looked at these criteria: 
  1. How many entry-level jobs are available in the city? (7.5 percent of score)
  2. How much time is spent commuting in the city? (7.5 percent of score)
  3. What's the public transportation situation like in the city? (10 percent of score)
  4. How many other young people live there? (15 percent of score)
  5. What's the after-work and weekend scene like in the city? (10 percent of score)
  6. How far does a paycheck get you in the city? (50 percent of score)
Cities that scored 90+ received an A.

Check out the other 24 cities.


Cincinnati State designs Ohio's first-ever degree in beer brewing science

Two years ago, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College began offering craft beer classes. It expanded the curriculum in 2016, and is now offering a two-year Associate of Applied Science in Brewing degree.

Cincinnati State is the first school in Ohio to offer a degree in beer brewing science.

The program is designed to help students find jobs as head or assistant brewers. The majority of brewers are self-taught home brewers who have a passion for craft beer — they then take the leap and open their own breweries. Much of the coursework is based off of information from local brewers.

One of the classes teams up with a local brewery to create a class beer, which is then brewed by the participating brewery and tapped for the class to try.

Check out the full story from U.S. News & World Report.

Mosquito problems earn Cincinnati top 20 rating by Terminix

Cincinnati made another top 20 list, and this time as one of the cities where mosquitoes are a huge bother. It's no surprise, really, since Cincinnati is on the banks of a river.

According to customer data collected by pest-control company Terminix between April 2016 and April 2017, Cincinnati ranks no. 11 in mosquito-related customer complaints.

Terminix provides a number of DIY solutions to lessen the mosquito population around your home, including removing standing water from your property, cleaning out your gutters and replacing outdoor lighting with "bug bulbs."

To read more tips and see what other cities are bugging out over mosquitoes, click here.

Lisnr developed a data-over-audio tech that has widespread applications

Founded in 2012, local startup Lisnr developed a data-over-audio technology in 2014 that could replace Bluetooth, NCR and QR code scanning.

Smart Tone doesn't need an internet connection to work, but the speakers that are "talking" to each other have to be in close proximity to one another. Lisnr's co-founder and CEO Rodney Williams says that his program has a lot of practical implications — Smart Tone was beta tested by ticketing companies, airlines, transportation companies, theaters, retailers, banks, mobile wallet providers, real estate companies and security firms.

Jaguar/Land Rover is now using it to personalize car settings by "talking" to the driver's smartphone. Lisnr also just landed the world's largest ticketing company as a customer, and Smart Tone has gone live in several locations around the globe. 

Lisnr isn't a one-trick pony: Locally, it has teamed up with the Contemporary Arts Center for an interactive museum experience that runs through June 18.

To read more about Smart Tone and Lisnr, click here.

International movie filmed locally at center stage at Cannes Film Festival

"The Killing of a Sacred Deer," which was filmed in Cincinnati last year and stars Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman, is being screened at the Cannes Film Festival this week.

The film is in the running for the festival's most prestigious award, the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm), along with 19 other films.

Cannes began on May 15 and runs until May 28; "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" will be screened on May 22 at the festival. Its anticipated international release date is November.

Read more about the Cannes Film Festival.

Sit back, relax and take a vacation right in your own backyard

A staycation is the perfect way to take a break from it all without leaving the familiarity of a city you already know. Plus, you have the freedom to explore things you might not have the chance to during your busy, everyday life.

Travel site Reward Expert recently published a list on its top 10 best cities for staycations, and Cincinnati made the list.

Reward Expert compared 100 of the largest cities in the U.S. and evaluated them based on 29 data points, which were broken into three categories: recreation, food and entertainment and rest and relaxation.

We already know that Cincinnati has a well-established dining scene (i.e. Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine) and a burgeoning arts scene. But did you know that the Queen City has the most nature parks per capita and the second most public pools per capita?

See the other top 10 cities for staycations here.

Cincinnati ranks in the top 150 best large cities to start a business

Cincinnati is known for its startup scene and constant flow of new, small business openings. But how does it rank when stacked up against other large U.S. cities?

WalletHub recently conducted a study that looked at 18 key metrics, ranging from five-year business survival rates to office-space affordability in 150 of the country's largest cities.

Cincinnati came in at no. 105 overall, and no. 126 in Business Environment, no. 56 in Access to Resources and no. 53 in Business Cost.

And when comparing Best Cities vs. Worst Cities in the category Lowest Availability of Human Capital, Cincinnati came in at no. 148.

To read more about how WalletHub determined its findings, click here.

Epicurious considers Jungle Jim's one of the best grocery stores in the country

Epicurious put together a list of the 21 best grocery stores in the United States, and although obvious chains like HEB, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods made the list, so did local fav Jungle Jim's.

It's the place to go for hard-to-find international foods, with over 180,000 different products from all over the world. Of course, Jungle Jim's has your typical deli, butcher counter and bakery, but nestled among those grocery store must-haves is a cheese section that's to-die-for and a huge produce section that pays homage to Jungle Jim's start as a produce stand. 

The middle of the store is devoted to a wide range of hot sauces and salsas, and the bar is the perfect place to grab a beer to enjoy while you shop. (Or you can pick from the over 4,000 local and craft beers to take home with you.)

You should probably spend a few hours or a whole day at one of the two locations (Fairfield and Eastgate) because there's no way you're going to see it all if you just run in to grab a gallon of milk.

See the other grocery stores that made the list here.

Three local restaurants have the best brunch in the country

It's a well-known fact that weekends are for brunching. Three area restaurants — Grand Finale, Market Street Grille and Taste of Belgium — made OpenTable's list of top 100 brunch spots in the country.
  • Open since 1975, Grand Finale Creperie Steakery in the Historic Village of Glendale specializes in steaks, chicken, seafood, pasta, crepes, salads and desserts. Its brunch has won awards and the restaurant itself has been recognized by Cincinnati Magazine for Best Desserts and Cincy Business for Best Brunch.
  • Harrison's Market Street Grille isn't somewhere most people think of when they think 'best brunch,' but according to OpenTable users, that should change. The menu focuses on using simple but real ingredients and creating home-cooked dishes. Its bourbon menu is extensive and includes Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace, plus it has Guinness on tap.
  • Taste of Belgium owner Jean-Francois Flechet is from Belgium, and he knows how to do waffles right. TOB started out at Findlay Market and has grown to six locations— five in Cincinnati and one in Columbus. The brunch menu features waffles and crepes, plus a plethora of sandwiches and salads. And if you can't make it for brunch, swing by for lunch, dinner or to take a dessert or bag of waffles home with you.
See if your favorite place to brunch in a different city made the list. 


Cintrifuse serves as model to spur Pittsburgh business collaboration

Pittsburgh-based business professional Kit Needham relied on advice from Cintrifuse's Eric Weismann in creating an awards ceremony to encourage interaction between corporations and startups.

The ceremony took place last week and honored Giant Eagle grocers for its utilization of human resource and management apps created by Pittsburgh startups.

“Even though we may not want to admit it during football season, we’re fighting the same fight,” Weissman says of the burgeoning Cincinnati-Pittsburgh entrepreneurial connection.

Needham took a cue from a Cintrifuse model that has influenced at least $97.6 million in investment, all through the creation of a syndicate “fund of funds” containing approximately $57 million. This syndicate fund invests in other pools around the U.S., which then invest in Cincinnati startups. 

Click here to read the full Pittsburgh Gazette story.
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