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Fotofocus announces 2012 month-long celebration of photography in Cincinnati

FotoFocus, a nonprofit arts organization, announces the October 2012 launch of its first biennial month-long regional celebration of historical and contemporary photography and lens-based art. On Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, 7 to 10 p.m., in collaboration with 3CDC’s Fountain Square Rocktober Series, FotoFocus will preview highlights of the October 2012 upcoming event with video works and still images from featured exhibitions.

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Art Museum hires Danis for renovation

The Cincinnati Art Museum awarded the contract for the renovation of its former Art Academy building to Dayton-based Danis Building Construction Company

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The sex book that hit the spot

Our Bodies, Ourselves was the kind of book that libraries banned and women stashed under their beds like pornography—a fixture of college dorm rooms that shocked conservatives with its candid discussion. UC's Wendy Kline even wrote a book about its influence.

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Review: Booker T. delivers at MidPoint

The MPMF is dominated, numbers-wise, by up-and-coming bands and musicians in their 20s, it was a nice change to see the spotlight fall upon a 66-year-old.

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Consortium views arts as engines of recovery

In a broad effort, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, Rocco Landesman, has helped to enlist an unusual consortium of foundations, corporations and federal agencies that will use cultural enterprises to anchor and enliven 34 projects around the country, one of which is ArtWorks in Cincinnati.

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Old Mug Shots Fuel Art, and a Debate on Privacy

People have long romanticized the 1950s — Marilyn Monroe’s windswept dress, Sun rockabilly 45s, beatnik coffeehouse gatherings, Madison Avenue martini lunches.

But old, forgotten mug shots? What is appealing about that?

Two young women in Cincinnati are testing the fringes of Fabulous Fifties nostalgia by selling reproductions of 1955 police mug shots. And their company, Larken Design, has found such a good response here that it is expanding.

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Midpoint Music Festival Schedule

Hello, second favorite music festival! Taking a backseat (pun intended) to only SXSW, Midpoint Music Festival, or MPMF, is my top pick of fests. MPMF takes place in downtown Cincy from September 22-24, and my favorite thing about it is what I like dearly about SXSW, anything can be a venue. Art museum? Sure! Let’s throw up a stage and have music! My only wish: Comedy and day parties.

But to what you came here for, the schedule. The lineup is outstanding, and we give you our personal guarantee that you’ll have a great time. We’ll throw down some previews and suggestions in the coming weeks, but make sure you go ahead and plan accordingly from this schedule. Enjoy.

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A Q&A with 'The Glee Project' alum and new NKU student

The Glee Project said goodbye to McKynleigh Abraham, the 19-year-old from Paduca, Ky, who plans to start classes at Northern Kentucky University this fall. After struggling through the "Danceability" challenge, McKynleigh was sent home despite a blockbuster performance of Carrie Underwood's "Last Name."

Read a Q and A with the young vocal hopeful here.

Griffith's latest novel collects more accolades

If any book deserves the right to indulge in a little self-consciousness, it's Trophy, which takes us through the flash before the eyes of a dying man. University of Cincinnati professor and novelist Michael Griffith indulges to a delightful and dizzying degree (even the notion of flashing "before" one's eyes, as opposed to the more anatomically correct behind one's eyes, is scrutinized).

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Then and Now: The evolution of summer

Coney Island, the sixth-oldest amusement park in the U.S., celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Compare pictures from the 1920s and 1960s to now, and see how differently (or not so differently) people used to enjoy themselves and relax in the heat of the summer. 

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Jean-Robert de Cavel: A love affair with food, life and serving others

Motivated Magazine's recent issue features Cincinnati Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel on its cover. The Canadian magazine interviewed de Cavel about the motivation and inspiration in his professional life.

Read the full story here.

Dhani Jones writes book about travel, life, football

Dhani Jones proves to be a man not just focused on football. He recently published a book about his life called "The Sporstman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey."

Read the full story here.

What's old is new again at the Blue Manatee

Blue Manatee, a local and independently owned bookstore in Cincinnati, created The Blue Manatee Boxes which inspire children and parents to be more creative. The idea is to encourage people to return to the basics and transform what's old to new again.

Read the full story here.

Artfully Disheveled: Fashion is Business

Cincinnatians, Chris and Trey Berre, and Michael Palmer founded Artfully Disheveled, a growing brand that meshes the classic gentleman look with an edgy twist inspired by their Midwest roots.

Read the full story here.

Future Blooms wins Ohio Nonprofit Excellence Award

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful's Future Blooms Program won the Ohio Non-profit Excellence Award for the Southern Region. KCB has beautified nearly 300 buildings in Cincinnati neighborhoods, resulting in a reduction in crime, blight, and street litter.

Read the full story here.
245 arts + culture Articles | Page: | Show All
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