Food & Wine: What is Skyline Chili?

Is it chili or is it a sauce? Whatever it is, Skyline Chili is quintessentially Cincinnati.

In 1949, a Greek immigrant named Nicholas Lambrinides started Skyline Chili after previously working at Empress Chili, another local chili parlor. He created his own Cincinnati-style chili, a recipe that's still used today.

Skyline's signature chili is known to contain chocolate and cinnamon, and is traditionally served over hotdogs or spaghetti noodles. Both are topped with a huge handful of cheese, which customers can order "extreme" (also known as hot).

If you've never tried Skyline and find yourself in Cincinnati, grab a bowl. And while you're at it, attempt to settle the age-old local chili debate: Skyline or Gold Star? 
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