Here's why you should start a business in Cincinnati

Inc. just highlighted Cincinnati as one of the best metropolitan areas in the United States for anyone looking to start a business. " If I was starting a business right now, I would most likely start it in Cincinnati," says Jeff Barrett, CEO of Barrett Digital.

Why is Cincinnati so perfect for fresh talent looking to start a business? Barrett explains that it all comes down to access. "Access to capital, access to the other large businesses in the area, access to talent and access to entertainment."

The author goes on to acknowledge that Cincy is unique in the way established companies like P&G and Kroger partner with startups.  "Cintrifuse was born from BigCo execs--city and business leaders who knew that in order for the region to grow, it was going to take more than just the nine Fortune 500 companies we have HQ'd in Greater Cincinnati," Eric Weissman, VP of Communications, Cintrifuse. "And what if we could recruit and woo startups from across the globe to work on their (BigCo) issues?  Help them challenge their own paradigms, think differently, avoid disruption -- all those jargon-y phrases."

Read the full story about why Cincinnati is perfect for starting a new business here.


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Jerry Jackson is the managing editor of Soapbox and has a passion for technology and innovation. He has lived and worked in the greater Cincinnati area since December 2000.
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